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Discussion in 'HYIP Discussion' started by heatstreak, May 28, 2020.

  1. heatstreak

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    I'm not admin !!!

    Investment Plans: 1.6% to 2.1% Daily for 100 Days (Principal Included), 130% to 160% After 50 Days (Principal Included) & 200% to 250% After 100 Days (Principal Included)

    Min Spend - $50

    Min Withdrawal - $1

    Payment Processors - PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Ethereum & LiteCoin

    Referral Commission - 5 Levels - 5, 1%, 1%, 0.5% & 0.5% (To activate netPartner status and referral program you need 1 active partner in the first line and a deposit of $50)

    Withdrawal Type - Instant

    About Us:

    Plans Details:

  2. heatstreak

    heatstreak Active Member

    I invested in here a total of 0.05 btc
    This looks like a good program which is long term for sure
    I will soon update on my recent withdrawals too :)

    NEW Deposit batch -

    0.05 BTC
    2020-05-27 21:46

  3. heatstreak

    heatstreak Active Member

    I received my first withdrawal from the project
    This is great
    There are some fees deducted but its the network fee which it deducts so better to withdraw big amounts here :)
    The plans are well made for long term

    Payment batch -

    0.0036 BTC
    2020-06-02 17:56

    The amount of 10.88 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U23381473->U5677***. Memo: API Payment.. Date: 13:40 02.06.20. Batch: 317474030

  4. heatstreak

    heatstreak Active Member

    This program is a long term and pays well on Monday and Tuesdays
    I like it with the stable returns and smooth run

    Payment batch -

    0.01 BTC
    2020-06-16 02:26

  5. heatstreak

    heatstreak Active Member

    Program has been paying me well and stable returns, its a long term
    Withdrawals are also paid in a timely manner :)
    Now withdrawals can only be asked for on a Monday

    Payment batch -

    0.0052 BTC
    2020-06-22 22:10

    0.006 BTC
    2020-06-30 23:34

  6. heatstreak

    heatstreak Active Member

    Very bad program, no one is in profit. Pathetic scam

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