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    Buytex Network is the unique partnership platformof Buytex exchange for the allocation of BUX tokens
    Every holder of the BUX token gets the dividends from the stock market profit
    The users will get significant discount using BUX to pay the exchange commissions
    The burning of the BUX token - Every quarter BUYTEX burns BUX in an amount equal to 15% from the income.
    ✈️ Buytex Network is ready for the start!
    ✅ The platform has successfully passed the pre-release test and the check of the security system and merchant. ✅ ✨BUYTEX NETWORK is the new generation and the unique alternative to ICO and BOUNTY programs. ⭐️ The launch will take place: 13.04.2020, 15:00 (GMT +2)
    Wish you success in the BUYTEX promotion with the maximum benefit for you!
    Register Buytex Network
    ⠀Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Vip


    BUX price:0.10 $.
    You can exchange out btc, eth, usdt, ..
    Leadership Rewards:

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