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  1. Regarding that new text ad feature...
    So far just a few Shareholders have spent their link credits to setup text ads. still has some unused free space left to display those text ads, so potential to benefit from that space isnt fully used.

    If you have link credits, you should use them to advertise something beneficial (for example, your site or referral link), that way you as a Shareholder would earn significantly more money from

    To setup that text ad:
    1 - Log in
    2 - Go to "My Ads" area or to "My Shares" area
    3 - There you will see "To View/Setup/Edit/Update Shareholder's text ads, go here." link, click it
    4 - Follow instructions...
  2. Update!

    There are some issues with server and hosting provider is rebuilding it, but unfortunately its taking longer than they originally anticipated. will be back online as soon as possible.
  3. Second anniversary of is coming up and we decided to make special offer:
    You can get 10% cash bonus for all Share purchases that are made during this week (Sept 19 - 25).

    Bonus will be added to account balance and member will be able to withdraw it.
    Bonus will not be counted as part of earnings (members will get extra 10% on top of regular 150% return).

    All bonuses will be credited on September 26.
  4. Yesterday was our second anniversary. First business day of the third year feels special.
    During past two years many improvements were made to Bestemoneys system and some more are planed.

    Within last 12 months we managed to increase this portal's popularity by more than 100% and quadrupled our average monthly income.

    Our plans for the future: continue to grow, improve and expand.

    As promised, today we credited 10% cash bonus to all who bought Shares during September 19 - 25.
  5. News:
    We are planing to remove C-Gold payment option because no one has used it to buy anything.
    We could add new e-currency. Your advices are welcome and will be given serious consideration.

    For past two years AlertPay and LibertyReserve have been most popular.
    We also make some sales though PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay, but no one has ever used C-Gold.

    To improve availability of our services, we would like to add new online payment methods.

    If you use any other e-currency, please let us know and we will consider your recommendations.

    Note: we are concerned about adding PayPal because Bestemoneys contains information about businesses (Investment programs and MLM) paypal doesnt support.
    Its well known that PayPal prefers to avoid that niche and trends to freeze involved accounts.
    Accepting paypal from someone who later gets his/her Paypal account suspended could cause us problems and loses.
    Any advices about paypal?
  6. In recent weeks AlertPay income has dropped drastically. Thats happening because its no longer possible to fund AlertPay account nor make purchases trough AlertPay with VISA/MasterCard.

    We hoped that alertpay will quickly resolve those issues (alertpay blog entry implied so on October 28), but obviously there are some more unexpected delays.

    Shares that are configured to accept only AlertPay income have earned very little during past month.

    We strongly advice Shareholders to accept multiple e-currencies (especially if you only accept AlertPay).
  7. We decided to keep lowered shareholder activity requirements for one more year.
    Most of the income is distributed between active Shareholders. You are "active" 7 days after last visit.

    To remain active, you must regularly visit

    Status will remain "active" for 72 hours 7 days (until Dec 01, 2011) (until Jan 01, 2013) after last visit.

    December holds many holidays (Christmas, New Year...) and people spend less time on the internet.
    We felt that it would not be appropriate to implement harsher activity requirements at this time of the year.

    Note: Activity requirements will definitely be changed from 7 days to 72 hours on (or soon after) Jan 01, 2013!
  8. 2011-12-24 News:
    Merry Christmas Eve and happy upcoming Christmas holidays.
    Its time to celebrate with family and friends. automated systems will continue to function as usually during holidays.

    Everything that must be done manually (payouts, program listing verifications, fixing improperly made purchases, responding to messages, etc...) will be addressed on Tuesday (December 27, 2011).
  9. You may have noticed that previously site had been loading quite slowly. We spent past two days reprogramming script and successfully made it significantly faster.

    Bestemoneys was programmed to instantly make multiple updates.
    Originally those functions worked quite fast, but growing database slowed them down and site's response time increased more and more with each passing month.

    We had to make some sacrifices to improve speed:
    1 - ad views statistic is no longer updated instantly, but hourly.
    It means that ads will not expire once exact number of purchased ad views are delivered, but up to 1 hour later. Advertisers will receive some extra views for free (excess views will not appear in ads statistic).
    2 - inactive shareholder's status will no longer be updated upon logging in, but within 10 minutes.
    3 - few more changes that doesn’t affect members.

    Increasing number of Shares also makes our instant earnings distribution system slower (currently it takes 10 or more seconds to process purchase), so in near future we may have to reprogram it and distribute earnings hourly.
  10. News:
    We made some changes to speed up ads and shares purchasing system (lagging is gone).
    We also updated shares statistic page to make it faster and easier to navigate.

    Originally Bestemoneys calculated and distributed earnings instantly.
    While such calculation takes a fraction of second for one share, currently we have many active Shares...

    Recently it was so slow that member had to wait more than 10 seconds while system processed purchase.
    For that reason instant earnings distribution had to be removed.

    Earnings will still be automatically distributed within less than a hour after each new sale.
  11. News:
    Some members who use strange Internet connection that changes outgoing IP address multiple times per hour had problems accessing members area. Now that issue has been resolved.

    Our login verification system has been made to be more flexible.
    As long as IP changes are minor (111.222.333.*), updated system will allow to stay logged in for one hour.
  12. March's Special deal - our affiliate bonus has been increased by 50%.
    Everyone who refers new Shareholders during March 2012 will receive 15% affiliate bonus for all new Share purchases.

    Extra bonus will be given for new members who have been referred during March 2012 and only for Share purchases those members make during March 2012 (afterwards referrer will receive regular 10% bonus).

    How to start?
    Log In and you will find referral links, banners and other information in Referrals area.

    You are welcome to use any ethical method to refer new members.
  13. We added new payment option - OkPay.

    Thus, currently accepts LibertyReserve, AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and OkPay.

    Shareholders should configure their Shares to accept OKPay (if you wish to receive OkPay income).
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  15. Approximately one month ago we added OkPay payment option, but past few weeks implies that there isn’t any demand for it.

    Does anybody here uses OkPay?
  16. Bestemoneys has added some new animated banners that can be used to promote Shares program (10% ref. bonus) and members favorite sites lists.

    You can see those new banners here: News
  17. Recently member informed us about the wish to have button added that would allow to reset Shareholder's 728x90 ad spot's Views and Clicks count statistic.

    We strive to improve BesteMoneys and recommendations are valued, however we must also prioritize.

    Option to reset stats would be quite tricky to implement.
    We are not sure whether its worth dedicating resources for such minute improvement.

    Current stats show all views & clicks ad has received since day 1.
    Would you find it useful to have option to reset ad space's Views and Clicks count statistic?
  18. Special offer: 50% discount for Silver, Gold and Platinum Shareholder memberships.
    Regular members receive 150% return, Silver - 165%, Gold - 180% and Platinum - 195%!

    Buy new Shares during July 13 - July 31 (included) for
    $500 (usually $1000) and get Silver Membership,
    $1000 (usually $2000) and get Gold Membership,
    $2500 (usually $5000) and get Platinum Membership.

    More information about benefits per membership level can be found here: Member Groups

    Upgrade will be processed manually within one business day.
  19. We integrated EgoPay e-currency. now accepts LibertyReserve, Payza, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, OkPay and EgoPay.

    If you are a Shareholder and wish to maximize your daily income, you should configure Shares to also accept EgoPay.
  20. LibertyReserve has been down for maintenance since August 20 and its impossible to process withdrawals to LR at this time.
    For that reason some withdrawal requests are pending more than two business days.
    Please do not blame Bestemoneys for that delay.

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