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  1. Some noticeable upgrades were made during past few days.
    It would be good to know if anyone notices how Bestemoneys is improving and expending.

    We decided to run notice the change contest.
    Three distinctive things are different.
    1 - bestemoenys added something new.
    2 - bestemoneys improved something by adding new feature.
    3 - bestemoneys modified/removed something to make site faster.

    First who correctly notices and reports at least one of those changes gets $3.
    There can be up to 3 winners - one for each correct answer.
    You can do a bit of guessing and give up to three answers (one for each change), but in case more then one is correct only one will be counted.

    You must send message thru contact system and post in forum.
    Contest is on for 48h.
    Winners will be determined within one day after 48h.
    Winners can chose to be paid by LR or AP or STP.
  2. During past few days site is down because hosting server is offline.
    Hosting did not fix that problem yet nor did they provide any indication that someone is working on it.

    It was anticipated that something like this could happen, so backups were made regularly to minimize data lose.
    We should be able to restore everything to as it was few hours before site went down.

    Other hosting provider was chosen and site will be installed on new server asap.
  3. Now PerfectMoney is also accepted by, but StrictPay was removed some time ago.

    Supported payment methods: LibertyReserve, AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and C-gold
  4. One year has passed since Bestemoneys launched on late September 2009.
    We would like to begin second business year by offering 10% - 20% bonus to all new Shareholders.

    During previous year has improved and grown significantly.
    Our future plans are to continue improving Bestemoneys and make it more profitable for Shareholders.
    Many improvements are planed and we are implementing them as fast as our budget lets us.

    New Share purchases will help us to expand, thus we will be able to generate 150% return for all Shares faster.

    During October Bestemoneys offers bonuses for new Share purchases.
    Buy Share for $1 - $10 and receive 10% bonus
    Buy Share for $11 - $20 and receive 11% bonus
    Buy Share for $21 - $30 and receive 12% bonus
    Buy Share for $31 - $40 and receive 13% bonus
    Buy Share for $41 - $50 and receive 14% bonus
    Buy Share for $51 - $100 and receive 15% bonus
    Buy two $100 Shares and receive 16% bonus
    Buy three $100 Shares and receive 17% bonus
    Buy four $100 Shares and receive 18% bonus
    Buy five $100 Shares and receive 19% bonus
    Buy more then five $100 Shares and receive 20% bonus

    Bonus will be credited to Shareholder's account balance within two business days.
    You will be able to withdraw your bonus or spend it to buy more Shares if you wish.
  5. Bestemoneys added option to sell Share and to buy Share from other Shareholder.

    If Shareholder urgently needs money, it is now possible to get remaining principal out by selling Share.

    Shareholder can specify Share's price and receive anywhere from 70% to 120% of remaining principal.

    Members can buy Old Share cheaper, thus gain more profit and/or faster return then from new Share.
  6. 2010-11-08 News:
    Part of BesteMoneys (left side ad spaces) was designed to display 125x125 pixels text ads.
    We wish to familiarize text ad option and we decided to offer an opportunity to try it out for free.

    Most advertisers are accustomed to use banner ads.
    Because text ad option is not that familiar we feel that free demonstration could be useful.

    We decided to give left side text ad spot for free to all interested Shareholders.
    We will add 1000 ad impressions per each $1 Share you own.
    If you own Shares worth $50, you can get 50000 impressions.

    If you are interested to get free visitors thru text ad, please contact us and we will manually setup your ad space within two business days.

    This option will be available during all November 2010 and all Shareholders can participate.
    To be a Shareholder you must own active Shares.
    If you arent Shareholder yet, feel free to learn about our Shares program here.
  7. There has been some confusion about this month's special offer.
    To clarify things...
    If you previously purchased Shares and your Share still is active then you do not need to buy new Shares to participate.
    But if all your Shares already earned 150% and expired, you are not a Shareholder any more and you must buy new Share before you can apply.
  8. X-Mas wouldn't be the X-Mas we all love without gifts giving tradition.

    Many Shareholders can expect X-Mas present ($1 Share or more).

    During or just after X-Mas we will be distributing gifts...
    $1 Share would be given to each active Shareholder per each $5 Shares member owns.

    Active Shareholders are those members owning active Shares and regularly visiting us
    (member remains "active" for 7 days after last visit).

    Example: if you own Shares worth $100, you can expect to receive $20 Share.
  9. New Year is very close and Bestemoneys decided to conclude this year with Special Offer.
    You can buy 3 Shares before 2011 and you will get 4th Share for free.

    Bonus Shares will be added Monday (Jan 02, 2011).

    For example:
    If you buy three $1 Shares, you will get one $1 Share for free,
    If you buy three $10 Shares, you will get one $10 Share for free,
    If you wish to buy Shares for $10 AlertPay or STP, you can add funds to your Bestemoneys account, then use account balance to buy three $3 Shares and one $1 Share, and you will get one $3 Share for free.
  10. Significant improvement - new comments system has been programmed.
    New system was tested and everything should work, but if you notice some glitch, please inform us about it.
    If you can help us to detect serious bug, bestemoney will appreciate your assistance and reward with $10 Share.
    Comments structure was adapted to create member to member discussions about bestemoneys in Forums area.
    ... News
  11. News:
    Special offer to members interested to buy Shares for at least $300 LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney:
    Become the main contributor to specific advertising campaign and you can get extra income.

    How does it work?
    Any purchase for $300+ would give sufficient funds to launch new advertising campaign within a day or so.
    Extra advertising would help us to generate more sales, thus all Shareholders would earn faster.

    We offer to give extra reward to major contributors - 10% of all excess sales.
    We would assign specific ad campaign to your funds and closely track advertising results.
    Once ad reaches break even point (it probably will), you would get 10% of all excess sales

    1 - Your funds sponsors $100 advertising purchase.
    2 - Campaign would reach break even point once it referred sales worth ~$300
    3 - Afterwards you would get 10% for all future sales referred by that ad.
    4 - It generates sales worth $1000 (just an example).
    5 - you would get ($1000-$300)*10% = $70 extra income added to you your account balance.
  12. Site is unreachable do to some problem with server.
    Unfortunately this happened during weekend, so problem hasnt yet been resolved.
    Hosting provider is aware about this situation and their server will be working properly as soon as possible.

    To compensate advertisers, ad expiration dates will be extended + one more extra day will be added.
  13. News:
    BesteMoneys added new way to benefit from us and new type of earnings - Link Credits.
    Members and Shareholders now can earn link credits and it is possible turn credits into cash.

    One Link Credit is valued at $0.01 (you can buy 100 Link Credits for $1)
    You can earn Link Credits:
    - Shareholders get 20% Link Credits upon buying Share (buy Share for $10 and get 200 Link Credits)
    Old Shares got Bonus - 20% Link Credits added to Shareholders accounts.
    - Shareholders earn 1% daily Link Credits for visiting us ($100 Shares would get 100 Link Credits daily)
    - 5 credits for writing new comment
    - 4 credits for writing reply to comment
    - 3 credits for rating program

    Spend Link Credits to get referrals. lists more than 1000 e-currency related web sites and you can add your referral links!
    You would get rewards from affiliate programs, thus convert Link Credits to cash.

    More information here
  14. Improvements were made to increase traffic BesteMoneys receives from sites linking to us.
    We have replaced four old banners (260x160, 125x125, 120x60 and 88x31) and added one new banner (468x60).

    New banners are significantly better designed than old were.
    With the same number of banner views, new banners will generate more visitors.

    This simple improvement will help to increase BesteMoneys popularity, thus more earnings for all of us.
  15. News - April 11, 2011
  16. All Best eMoneys collective wishes you happy Easter holidays.
    We decided to give special $1 gifts for all $10 purchases made during holidays.

    For every $10 spent at during April 22 - 25 we will credit $1 gift to member's account balance.
    Multiple spends will be summed up, but separately for each e-currency.

    Gifts will be added on April 26.
    Only whole $ gifts can be given, therefore spends between $10 and $19 will entitle member to receive $1 gift ... $20 until $29 = $2 gift, etc.

    Gift can be withdrawn or spent.
  17. May 2009 is the time we decided to create BesteMoneys and begun programming this script.
    Two years have passed and to celebrate, we have increased rewards to our promoters by 50%

    For a limited time (until June 01, 2011) our generous 10% affiliate bonus is increased by 50%
    During May you can receive 15% referral bonus for all spends made by your referrals.

    Its a very good time to promote

    Once You have logged in as a member, you can find referral links and banners in Referrals area.

    To refer new members, You are welcome to use any ethical method.

    For example:
    You can add referral link to your web site (if you own one),
    you also can include it in forum signatures (if you are a member at forums about businesses like this),
    you could directly refer us to your friends.
  18. To reward our most loyal supporters, has added three new Shareholder membership levels.
    We now offer extra 10% up to 30% bonus Shares for larger purchases and to veteran Shareholders

    All the benefits and requirements for each membership level now can be found here

    Short version:
    Silver Shareholder
    10% bonus added to existing Shares and 10% bonus for future purchases.
    Requirements: Buy Shares for $1000 or be active Shareholder for 1 year.

    Gold Shareholder
    10% bonus added to existing Shares and 20% bonus for future purchases.
    Requirements: Buy Shares for $2000 or be active Shareholder for 2 years.

    Platinum Shareholder
    10% bonus added to existing Shares and 30% bonus for future purchases.
    Requirements: Buy Shares for $5000 or be active Shareholder for 3 years.

    We have also rewritten Shares Program description to include updated information about all new features.
    Its our hope that new Shares Programs' description has become clearer and easier to understand.
  19. We have improved option to add affiliate links.
    You can now create favorite sites selection.
    And, if you wish, you can use us to simultaneously advertise multiple referral links for free.

    Just like before, you can add your referral links to

    We have created new personalized page for each member.
    It shows summarized details about all sites you have added referral links for.

    Your personal link to that page can be found in My Links area (must be logged in to access it).

    If you wish, you can add all your favorite programs (referral links) to and then
    use us to simultaneously advertise multiple referral links.

    Visitors referred by you will always be directed to your referral links for free.
  20. News:
    From now on we offer even more options for Shareholders to benefit from
    Shareholders get 125x125 pixels text ad spots for free and can use link credits to assign ad views.

    1 link credit will get you 50 ad views.
    Remember ...
    Shareholders get 20% bonus credits upon buying Share + 1% daily link credits.
    and members also can earn more link credits by commenting and voting for listed web sites.

    If you have bought Shares for $1 - $99, you get one text ad spot; $100 - $199 - two ad spots; etc.

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