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XMLGold exchanger (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bank wire, WebMoney, MoneyPolo...)

Discussion in 'DX, e- Currencies, Exchangers, Payment Processors,' started by xmlgold, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

    About XMLGold

    XMLGold - Our service is meant for those who want to safely and profitably change an e-currency.

    Thanks to us, you will be able to exchange Perfect Money, Bank wire, Bitcoin, Litecoin, MoneyPolo, HDMoney, Payeer, Paymer, Paypal, PayPal, WebMoney and many more coming...

    For Partners
    XMLGold offers a profitable and easy affiliate program. Youwill get 10% of our profit, coming from the exchange of your referrals.

    About the project
    Thanks to the professional team working on the electronic exchange since 2000, the company XMLGold deserved reputation as a reliable partner in the digital currency market and a high level of accuracy in every transaction is our credo.

    Tools "XMLGold" provides the necessary security. All transactions are protected with the protocol of SSL 256-bit encryption.
    The simplicity and convenience of the interface - it's one of the main advantages of the XMLGold.

    "Get Nothing more, only what you need " - that was our motto to create "XMLGold".


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  2. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

    We had a record with 100000 ordered MasterCard.
    We are pleased to inform you, that today we had a record with 100000 ordered MasterCard. Order ID: 38397018. We will contact the customer, and he will get on his MasterCard card bonus of 1000 Euros.
  3. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

    Online Bank Transfer

    Online Bank Transfer is our new payment option for customers from Germany, Austria, Spain, France and Italy, the payment is carried our in EUR and is instant and fast through online internet banking, takes a few minutes to complete!
  4. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

    Transfer to Visa/MasterCard Option!
    From now on all xmlgold customers can send their money to their existing Visa/Master Bank Cards globally, does not matter if it is credit card or a debit card and you will receive the funds within 3 business days and it is cheaper than to send a bank wire transfer. To request a trasnfer the registration is not necessary.

    More: www.xmlgold.eu
  5. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

  6. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

    For Perfect Money exchange to Bitcoin commision fee is only 0.8%. Instead of the previous 1%.

    More: www.xmlgold.eu
  7. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

    Fees updates!

    For Perfect Money exchange to Payeer commision fee at the moment is only 0.5%
    For Prefect Money exchange to BTC-E commision fee 0.9%
    More: www.xmlgold.eu
  8. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

    The future of bitcoin looks bright!

    Bitcoin was announced dead a countless number of times. It was called a kind of Ponzi scheme as well as a failed experiment. Many people promised this crypto-currency to be forgotten soon and its developers to go to other projects. So, let’s compare the dynamics of bitcoin’s growth and development with another technology – the Internet.
    The early days of the international network technology was full of enthusiasm, which awoke the “price bubbles”. On October 13, 1994 the first Internet browser Mosaic Netscape Version 0.9 was released, and 6 years later it was the crash of dotcoms, which caused the ruins of many companies.A big desire to earn on Internet technologies made the venture capitalists invest money in any company somehow connected with the Internet. The rentability of the investments wasn’t calculated and the growth of the industry seemed endless. Many companies had unbelievable development, and then the bubble has burst. The actions of the Amazon Company fell from $100 to $7. Many companies were ruined. The investors lost billions or even trillions of dollars because of their greed and barbarism.But, on the other hand, it has created a basis for the appearance of many great companies, like Facebook that was launched on February 4, 2004. Was this company created without infrastructure? Or Uber? Or a huge amount of imformation indexed today by the big search engines.Nobody has any doubts, that the World Wide Web would be built. But at that time the investors had to close fonds and many people had doubts about the idea of the Internet itself.Though, you are reading it on the Internet.Time of Bitcoin hasn’t come yet.Bitcoin is only seven years old and has many problems typical for other technologies on the early steps of the development. But despite that, the investors have already invested huge amounts of money in its ecosystem, perhaps even too big. In 2014-2015 the start of the bitcoin company was one of the easiest ways to get financial support...

    Read the full article here: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/index
  9. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

    BTC-e temporarily unavailable

    BTC-e is currently experiencing problems with their API and it affects our operation with BTC-e exchange route. For the meantime, BTC-e exchanges will be temporarily unavailable. It will be back when BTC-e API gets fixed again.

    We are hoping to resume our operations with BTC-e right away.

    Best regards,
    XMLGold Team
  10. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

    Fees updates!
    For Perfect Money exchange to BTC-E commision fee at the moment is 2%. Instead of the previous 3%.
    More: www.xmlgold.eu
  11. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member


    Bitcoin is designed as a neutral international currency unit. It seems to be a perfect mean of payment for a tourist: you don’t need to go to bank, pay commission for the exchange etc. But practically it is not so easy: as the experience of travelling in Europe shows, even a technically aware traveler can meet unexpected difficulties when trying to pay with bitcoins.
    The element of crypto-currencies is Internet. Bitcoin is a rather low-level protocol, mostly adapted for online payments. Difficulties start on the border of crypto-currencies and traditional payment systems as well as when going offline. There are some reasons for it

    Sellers don’t need bitcoin
    As a rule, the sellers don’t want to deal with crypto-currencies. And they can be understood: the part of clients using this unusual way of payment is not so big and doesn’t cover the expenses combined with the risk of the exchange rate volatility and more difficult accounting. An obvious niche that dozens and even hundreds of companies are competing, is the processing of bitcoin payments. With this approach, bitcoin becomes for a seller just another payment method while euros or other currency are coming into the account. The representatives of many businesses accepting bitcoins admitted that it is more a marketing campaign underlining their innovativeness without bringing a significant growth of profit.
    Of course, among the businesses that accept bitcoins, there are those who don’t use the services of payment processors. As a rule, it is the decision of an owner that likes crypto-currencies. However, such approach does not scale: there must be another motivation for café owners to provide the opportunity to pay with bitcoins for their services.

    Exchange rates cannot be avoided
    The introduction of euro has made the life of travelers significantly easier, especially if they are going through several European countries. But not all members of the EU have adopted euro, for example, Czech Republic or Poland. Bitcoin might help us to get rid of the need to get used to new currencies.

    Read the full article here: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/index
  12. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

    Fees updates!

    For Perfect Money USD exchange to BTC-E Code commision fee at the moment is 2.5%.
    More: www.xmlgold.eu
  13. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

    We made small design changes at the currency exchange point. We hope You will like it.
    Take a look: www.xmlgold.eu
  14. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

  15. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

    At the moment we have some technical problems with communication by e-mails with customers.
    We are working to resolve this problem.
    Thank You for understanding.
  16. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

    Technical problems with e- mails, which could disturb XMLGold.eu communication with customers, have been fixed. Now everything should work fine.
  17. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

    Fees updates!

    For Online Bank Transfer exchange to Perfect Money commision fee at the moment 5%.
    For Online Bank Transfer exchange to Payeer commison fee at the moment 4%.
    For Bank Transfer EUR exchange to Perfect Money commision fee at he moment 2%.

    More: www.xmlgold.eu
  18. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

    Good News!
    At the moment, when choosing the Bank Transfer EUR as a withdrawal method, commission fee has been reduced from 40EUR to 25EUR.
    More: http://www.xmlgold.eu
  19. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

    Large investors and bitcoins

    In the modern United States, big traders are turning their attention to Bitcoin more and more active in the recent years. And with this they give a new stimulus for the development of the crypto-currency. According to the research results of Wall Street Journal it was found, that now, particularly large funds are slowly, but surely coming into the market of crypto-currencies and value high their perspectives.

    At the same time, there still are traders scared of crypto-currency. But their number is declining rapidly. The companies trading with their own money, say, that Bitcoins have just a huge potential. And first of all it is due to the fact, that more and more financial companies and investors are entering the market of crypto-currencies. Thanks to such big players the volatility on the market can be significantly declined, which is on a rather high level at the moment. Eventually the work with this tool will be much more legitimate and accessible.

    We, the administration of xmlgold.eu, from our part, are trying our best to provide the best working conditions both for ordinary users and for large players, offering to work both with Bitcoin and with Perfect Money. Plus, with a variety of other currencies:
    - AdvCash;
    - Bank Transfer;
    - MoneyPolo;
    - Litecoin;
    - OKPAY and others.

    Read more: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/article/130
  20. xmlgold

    xmlgold Member

    Can bitcoin change the lives of a billion of poor?

    Before discussing this question, it is necessary to mention the term “blockchain”, which is not controlled by anything and anyone like a single collective brain, but at the same time any person can see its contents. And this blockchain carries a lot of important advantages for the poorest population stratums.
    Of course, today it is hard for the majority of people (especially in the Third World countries) to understand, how much bitcoin improves the life already today. The meaning of the crypto-currency is greatly underestimated even now, but its potential is just huge. Especially, in the solving of the most important and urgent social problems and different sorts of tensions. If the supporters of the blockchain are right, an era of economic transparency, real economic wealth and actively development
    commerce will expect us.
    Alex Tapscott,
    the author of the book “Blockchain revolution: how the underlying
    technology of bitcoin is changing money, business and the world”
    says: “Blockchain is a powerful tool, which is able to help us
    build a global and prosperous society”.
    Bitcoin and blockchain are the openness, freedom, safety of money transfers, which will allow to transfer money from rich countries to poor ones under especially profitable conditions without any obstacles.
    Just in 2015, over 440 billion
    dollars were sent from prosperous countries to the countries in need. The problem is, that to transfer, for example, $100 from the USA to India, one needs to pay the commission fee in Western Union - $11. Bitcoin is the possibility to transfer money without any fees.
    On the website xmlgold.eu there is already a flexible exchange and transfer systems of several crypto-currencies:
    - Bitcoin;
    - Perfect Money;
    - PayPal;
    - C-CEX;
    - BTC-E and others.

    Read the full article here: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/index

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