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www.seomarts.com Money making Site

Discussion in 'Advertising Forum' started by dailyearner, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. dailyearner

    dailyearner Member

    What is Seomarts?
    Seomarts is a SEO and Social Media Marketplace. Sellers can post their services for free and buyers can purchase amazing services from experienced sellers. We assure protection to your hard work and money!

    How does it work?
    1. Sellers create services
    2. Your services are promoted by you and Seomarts
    3. Services attract buyers and you get sales! Your account gets credited when you complete orders.
    What kind of services can sellers offer on Seomarts?
    Sellers can create any kind of SEO, Social Media, Design, development, writing and so on services! There is no limit as long as your are genuine!

    How do we provide protection to sellers?
    When buyers purchase your services, buyers pay to Seomarts. When you complete the order, your account will be credited automatically. If the buyer asks revision on your delivered work, you are responsible to re-deliver it if reasonable.

    How do we provide protection to buyers?
    Sellers are paid only if you approve their work.You can ask for re-delivering the work if it doesn't satisfy you. You can also cancel the order on a mutual agreement.

    We have an Affiliate Program too!
    Currently We Have Great Referral Option where you will get $0.2 to $1 Per active People.

    How to attract more buyers?
    Buyers can see your 'Last Login' date on your service listing. If you haven't logged in for 2 or more days, nobody won't buy your services. It is recommended to login to Seomarts everyday to know whats going on and keep your account alive.

    Join Seomarts Now !

    Have Great day
  2. wazeela111

    wazeela111 New Member

    Thanks for the post...

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