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What kinds of people comes Forex market to do trade?

Discussion in 'Forex Discussion' started by shere1779, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. shere1779

    shere1779 Member

    In Forex market we can see lot people do trading. What quality person come to do trade on Forex market? In a person what quality should be needed for a doing trade on Forex market?

  2. Raybenz1983

    Raybenz1983 Member

    I think if a person want to trade in Forex then he should has lot o good qualities like knowledge about Forex.control over emotions,should not be greedy and has good planning strategy.
  3. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    It is best profit making market in the world, and here all category peoples are come to earn and change their lives. Peoples whose want to become rich or want to make their home living, join and learn and earn. But this all is only with getting huge knowledge of Forex trading only.
  4. kaito kid

    kaito kid Member

    Foreign exchange market do not select the type of people that would come into it, anyone can trade forex market. But anyone that really wants to make it in forex trading must possess these, experience, knowledge, discipline, diligence, hard work, and common sense.
  5. david100

    david100 Member

    Forex is a good business and also very popular in the world. To make good money in Forex you need to have a great knowldge about Forex. If you have no knowldge about Forex then you should go back before starting the trade and learn about Forex.
  6. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    many different types of people doing forex trading, but the people who succeed are those who are able to apply MM well and can control the emotions and discipline. some of my friends who trade in Armada Markets can now successfully using a scalping system. I think I also gained could be like them, but it takes effort and hard work
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  8. Jimy Anderson

    Jimy Anderson Member

    All important trading tips indicates to find a right broker, because choosing a perfect broker is a big deal from all, because the broker can affects the result of our trading with certainly,

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