What is Azure DevOps and Why Should You Care?

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    In the simplest terms, Azure DevOps is the proof VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services). It is the outcome of years of using their own tools and developing a process for building and delivering products in an efficient and well-ventilated way. If you lack to learn more approximately their cloud and DevOps journey, check out their DevOps Resource Center and particularly Lori Lamkin's article entitled Moving to Cloud Cadence.

    But it's as soon as more that, too. I think of it as VSTS, TFS (Team Foundation Server) and Azure all rolled happening into one, in imitation of some improvements and a few extras. With Azure DevOps, you acquire Azure Boards, Azure Repos, Azure Pipelines, Azure Test Plans, and Azure Artifacts.

    Probably one of the more significant "extras" was the foundation of Azure Pipelines. With Azure Pipelines, you acquire cloud-hosted pipelines for Linux, Windows, and macOS. You can construct, exam and deploy any language or platform to any cloud. What's more, all OSS project will profit Azure Pipelines unadulterated construct minutes. When they permit know this isn't your grandpa's Microsoft, they aren't kidding.

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