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Discussion in 'Advertising Forum' started by trustnet, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. trustnet

    trustnet New Member

    Usage: Verify the accounts (100% successful): Paypal, Money Bookers, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, eBay, iTunes

    You need to buy cheap virtual credit cards? You want a long EXP of card also? This promotion is a chance for us to response all your demands.

    The content of this promotion

    - Time bound: from now to 1000 cards out of stock

    - It’s a virtual mastercard

    - Regularly, it’s sold with $10 but in this program, just $3.5 to own it balance 1$ (discount over 65%).

    Features and Benefits
    • Verify the accounts (100% successful) such as: Paypal, Money Bookers, Google Ads, Facebook Ads
    • Shopping online easily and securely
    • Reload many time, any amount (even 0.5$) with cheap fee
    • Expiry date of card: 05 years
    • Never any monthly, annual or activation fees
    • A certainty and speed purchase! A limited time! Be hurry to get your favourite cards with the attractive price!
    More information:

    We have many new BIN work well with all your demand

    Visa card

    BIN 467964
    BIN 457485
    BIN 471249

    Master card

    BIN 548566

    Contact information


    Email: luckygiftcard@gmail.com


    Skype: Luckygiftcard1

    YM!: Luckygiftcard1
  2. trustnet

    trustnet New Member


    Celebrate the re-opening sale shop online, Luckygiftcard offers promotions

    to the customers for this special occasion.
    The content of promotion program

    • Customers will be offered 01 FREE Mastercard when registering an account at luckygiftcard.com
    • Started day: June 1[SUP]st[/SUP] 2014
    • The promotion is only for first 1000 members
    • Mastercard will be sent to the email which you use to register at luckygiftcard.com
    A limited offered cards! Come first get first! The program is for everybody! Be hurry to come luckygiftcard.com and get a good cards with this attractive program!

    Mastercard description:


    • BIN: 548566
    • Exp: until 2018 years
    • Kind card: reloadable with flexible balance, no limit topup amount
    • Statement: via email
    • Code expuse: instant in business time
    150% WORK WELL with paypal (special EUROPE paypal) | ebay | amazon | google adwords | facebook ads | shoping online every where accept master
    Contact us if you need further information
    LuckyGiftcard - The World Of VCC
    Email: luckygiftcard@gmail.com
    Skype: Luckygiftcard1; Luckygiftcard2; Luckygiftcard
    YM!: Luckygiftcard1; Luckygiftcard2; Luckygiftcard2010
  3. trustnet

    trustnet New Member

    Hi VCC users!

    Luckygiftcard is excited to introduce a new BIN Vcc4687that works perfectly with Bing ads – Facebook – Adwords – This Exclusive offer is only at Luckygiftcard.com. We ensure that you can make successful transactions across all payment gateway accepting Visa.

    Why New BIN Visa VCC 4687 ?

    Get instant VCC via Email
    Not having to wait several days as the traditional plastic Prepaid Visa card, Making purchase on www.Luckygiftcard.com website, you will get VCC information via email and start using the card right away.

    Instant online stament

    Check your VCC balance and history transaction instantly on our website Luckygiftcard.com. Get Paypal code right away after registering.

    The benefits of New BIN VCC 4687

    Facebook advertising and Bing adsis the biggest advantage ofNew BIN VCC 4687. After adding VCC to your Facebook ads account, you can create new advertising campaign without any restrictions. This is a good opportunity to sign up for Facebook ads and increase reliability for your FB account.

    1. Verify Paypal account, Payza, Moneybooker, …
    2. Facebook Ads, Google Adwords,Bing ads. See the instructions on how to add the the card to Facebook ads account , Adwords and Bing ads, click here: http://blog.luckygiftcard.com/luckygiftcard-tutorials/
    3. Shop online on e-commerce websites , we have bought products on Amazon and Ebay.com,… successfully
    4. Create account on CH Play, App Store, Amazon Apps Store, Windows Phone Store and buy apps, paid service Inapp.

    5. and much more services you can use this new vcc 4687

    - iOffer
    - Amazon aws
    - iTunes
    - Networksolution
    - Amazon prime
    - Amazon kindle device
    - Digital Ocean
    - Listia
    - Xbox
    - Roku
    - Logitech
    - Dimension date
    - Ninefold
    - HP Cloud
    - Joyent
    - Greenqloud
    - Digital Ocean
    - Listia
    - Xbox
    - Roku
    - Logitech
    - dimension date
    - ninefold
    - HP Cloud
    - Joyent

    -Network Solution


    Which VCC information you will receive:
    You will receive the: credit card number, cvv (3 digits), the expiry date (from 2 to 5 years up to which kind of BINs)

    Which payment we accept:
    Accept: Webmoney, Perfect Money, Payza, Money Bookers, Western Union, Money Gram, Credit Card, Netteller, Solidtrustpay

    Contact LuckyGiftcard
    Email: luckygiftcard@gmail.com
    Skype: Luckygiftcard, luckygiftcard1
    YM!: Luckygiftcard1, luckygiftcard2
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  4. Luckygiftcard

    Luckygiftcard Member

    i am interested in this vcc, the new bin 468789 is working well for bing account without block....
    thank for new bin, thank f0r new post

    pm me: live:lilytaeyeon
  5. Luckygiftcard

    Luckygiftcard Member

    Luckygiftcard VCC for Facebook ads – Working perfectly
    Posted about 4 weeks ago | Comments Off
    Facebook is best way to drive traffic to your money website or build a large community Fanpage. It’s time to run Facebook ads.

    What you need is a Luckygiftcard VCC. Today, We’ll show you how to use Lucjygiftcard VCC to add into your Facebook account and start an ads campaign successfully.

    Step 1: Add Visa card to your Facebook account

    Go to: http://facebook.com/ads/manage

    Navigate to Billing > Payment methods

    Click the green buttom to add new cradit card

    Fill in your Luckygiftcard VCC info:

    • Card number: 16 numbers in the front card
    • Expiration Date: Month/Year of expiration
    • CVV2: The last 3 numbers in the back
    Now! The card is added successfully into your account and ready for new ads campaign.

    Now, We boost a post on our Facebook Fanpage

    Ok, The ads run smoothly!

  6. Luckygiftcard

    Luckygiftcard Member

    i see VCCS work well for facebook ads, i will try them with adwords.
  7. Luckygiftcard

    Luckygiftcard Member

    you vcc work well, i will order more vcc for adwords
  8. Luckygiftcard

    Luckygiftcard Member

    i want to order more vcc
  9. Luckygiftcard

    Luckygiftcard Member

    How to Register Cheap Domain at Network Solution with Luckygiftcard VCC
    Posted about 2 weeks ago | Comments Off
    Hi there,

    Today, We’ll give a crazy offer to register new domain at NetworkSolutions, Only $0,5 using Luckygiftcard VCC

    After 2 months, you can transfer it to another domain service if you aren’t willing to renew [​IMG]

    Step 1. Redeem the offer $0,5

    Click on this Link: Click here


    With this offer, You just need to pay $0,5 for first year [​IMG]

    Step 2. Register new account at Network Solution


    Step 3. Billing

    Fill in Luckygiftcard VCC information
    Credit card type: Visa
    Credit card number: 16 numbers at the front of card
    Expiration date: Month/Year of expiration
    Card holder’s name: Your Full name
    Card ID number: 3 numbers of CVV2 at the back of your card

    Step 4. Successful payment

    Confirmation Email instantly sent to your Email
  10. Luckygiftcard

    Luckygiftcard Member

    How to register Stablehost using Luckygiftcard VCC

    Stable Host Hosting service is a good choice for webmaster, this Hosting is suitable for webmasters to build website / blog, there are many advantages such as high speed, unlimited bandwidth and storage.


    Hosting accounts are activated immediately, donot need to send documents for a verified account
    Renew your hosting package with the same price
    Payment via Paypal

    Go to: https://billing.stablehost.com/cart.php

    Choose the Basic package to save the most

    Choose the period


    Review your order and start making payment via Paypal


    You will need Visa prepaid card to make transaction including

    • 16 numbers on the front card
    • Month/year of expiration
    • Secirity code CVV2
  11. Luckygiftcard

    Luckygiftcard Member

    How to use Luckygiftcard to buy stuff and digital products from Amazon.com
    Posted about 2 months ago | Comments Off
    Hi there,

    Amazon.com is the biggest marketplace to go shopping online for physical products like knives, computer,…and digital stuffs such as music, movie, ebook, smartphone app, game, etc,… In this post, I’ll walk you through the buying process from amazon.com using Visa prepaid Luckygiftcard.

    Firstly, get your Luckygiftcard vcc at: www.Luckygiftcard.com

    Step 1. Choose your favorite product


    Step 2. Fill in Billing address


    Step 3. Enter your Luckygiftcard VCC information


    Step 4. Done, successful payment


    Step 5. Download the app from Amazon App Store


    Now, Feel the beast [​IMG]

  12. Luckygiftcard

    Luckygiftcard Member

    How to register VPS Windows at Resellercub with Luckygiftcard Visa/Mastercard Prepaid
    Posted about 2 weeks ago | Comments Off
    Hello everyone!

    Windows VPS is an indispensable tool for all who are doing SEO and Make money online. Today I will introduce a VPS service that you can install the Windows operating system to run automatic SEO tools. You can set the SEO program to on the Windows VPS easily.

    Advantages of Resellerclub service:

    + Fast speed connection, Remote desktop support or you can use Teamview to access the windows VPS
    + Consistent uptime for the website, support platforms available to build wordpress website and other open source such as Joomla, Opencart, Drupal,…
    + Low Cost: You are using the service at preferential rates for very low cost
    + Payment via Paypal and payment made quickly with Luckygiftcard Visa Prepaid Card

    The steps to order VPS at ResellerClub services:

    First, go to the following address: www.Resellerclub.com


    Choose VPS service pack and Click the “Learn more” green buttom to order VPS


    Go to the next step, you can optionally choose the VPS needed for your demand, for example with the VPS Package 2, 30 GB of hard drive space and 768 MB of RAM, you can install windows 7 and run 24/7 automated SEO software.


    At this step, enter personal information such as full name, address and other information to complete your signup process


    After successful registration, you can pay immediately via Paypal using Luckygiftcard Prepaid visa card

    Choose your payment method is Paypal (Credit Payments) to be able to use the Luckygiftcard Prepaid Visa.


    You can freely choose the amount of deposit on your account management.

    The procedure is very simple , you only need to fill in your Luckygiftcard Prepaid Visa Card:

    + 16 prepaid visa card number
    + Expiration date: month / year on the front card
    + 3 numbers of CVV2 on the back of card


    After the transaction you will receive information via Email, it includes your VPS information
  13. Luckygiftcard

    Luckygiftcard Member


    We are from luckygiftcard.com store. We are writing to offer a good opportunity of promotion for shopping VCC 6.49$ to get 3$ free. You need to buy cheap virtual credit cards? You want a long EXP of card also? This promotion is a good chance for us to response all your demands.

    What will you do with 3$?

    Verify the accounts (100% successfully): Paypal, Money Bookers, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, eBay, iTunes

    What will you know about this promotion?

    · Time bound: from now to 1000 cards out of stock

    · Regularly, it’s sold with $9 but in this program, just 6.49$ to own it balance 3$ (discount over 25%).

    · We have many new BIN work well with all your demand

    Visa card: BIN 467964, BIN 457485, BIN 436345.

    Master card: BIN 548566.

    A certainty and speed purchase! A limited time! Be hurry to get your favourite cards with the attractive price!

    Bonus: 10 vccs/order get 1 free vcc (3$ in balance)

    25 vccs /order è get free vcc (3$ in balance)


    Skype: sellvcc.com or luckygiftcard.

    Yahoo: luckygiftcard1 or luckygiftcard2

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