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Thumbs up Dynamic november- sales off (25%-40%) for all vcc at luckygiftcard

Discussion in 'Advertising Forum' started by Luckygiftcard, Nov 6, 2014.

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    Many VCC in this month is waiting for you

    Contact luckygiftcard.com to get VCC, get discount!.

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    Instanntly Cashback 1$/each card order
    To all beloved customers!

    We would like to express heartfelt thanks for your belief and purchase at LUCKYGIFTCARD.COM in the past period. This is your massive supporting for our power. Therefore, we updated a new official version – a new LUCKYGIFTCARD system. For this:

    For this:


    ►We will always be YOUR PARTNER not only 24/24 but also 24/7.

    ►We assure that INCENTIVES ARE FOR YOU.

    ►Also, you can LEAVE SOME MONEY AS DEPOSIT in your account for ordering or top-uping.

    We don’t forget to update new programs for this new system.

    Cashback 1$/card: You will receive 1$/each card back to account at Luckygiftcard.com (this is applied for card order only)

    Luckygiftcard account: Can use for card orders, topup to card in website

    Time joining: from June 20th- June 27th, 2015

    ► A small note: Your all old order or VCCs, we will support them until the end of June. Therefore, please contact us soon for your any question.

    One more time, thank for your belief and supporting!

    Contact information:

    Skype: Luckygiftcard, Theworldofvcc.shop

    Yahoo: Luckygiftcard1, Luckygiftcard2

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