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spreads and leverage

Discussion in 'Forex Discussion' started by Jimy Anderson, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Jimy Anderson

    Jimy Anderson Member

    From all trading elements spreads and leverage are two important financial tool which an investor should consider when choosing a broker. without lowest trading spreads and flexible trading leverage that’s not possible at all to lead a comfortable trading life at all in spite of having most powerful analyzing trade knowledge.
  2. Spread and leverage are two most important trading tools from all trading elements considered in Forex market. This is why when choosing the trading broker usually we check these facilities on our to be broker. FXdirects trading broker finally I have chosen for my profitable Forex business. Because in their platform they offer 1:100 leverage which is low risky and much profitable, Raw ECN spread from 0.0 pips and now I can make huge money.
  3. Kyle Wilkins

    Kyle Wilkins Member

    Leverage has two sides great and terrible also. Leverage is great it might be said that it gives a trader a chance to open greater parts and win more benefit and then again it prompts voracity which can prompt decimation of the account also. I am right now trading with XeroMarkets broker where you can change your leverage to 1:1 to 1:500 even. So there is full customization office as indicated by your need. The broker likewise gives appropriate every day analysis and supportive tips for their customers to profit from.
  4. Piphs

    Piphs Member

    The spreads of freshforex are always 0.0 the highest I have ever seen in my account even during news is 0.5, And I was mad that day, then I later learnt that was news!!!!
  5. Jimy Anderson

    Jimy Anderson Member

    In spite of having most powerful analyzing trade knowledge that’s not possible at all to lead a comfortable trading life at all, if you don’t know how to manage risk. by and large traders consider high leverage at many risk , but I according to my trading experience I don’t consider it, if there is any risk it is completely with non-sense planning and zero risk management policy , nothing to do with high leverage at all. my trading career, I always use 1:100 leverage for avoiding risk, but when I can predict the market with certainly then I use up to leverage 1:500 leverage that always ensures my trading platform LQDFX. But in my demo trading I always used high leverage to see the performance how it works.

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