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Discussion in 'HYIP Discussion' started by trusthyips786, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. trusthyips786

    trusthyips786 New Member

    Ritrexcapital.com (PAYING....PAYING AGAIN)

    Trusthyips.com| best and trusted monitor site


    ⇘⇘JoinLink: https://www.ritrexcapital.com/regist...=trusthyips786.

    ⇘⇘ Paying Status: PAYING.

    ⇘⇘ Minimum: $25.

    ⇘⇘Maximum: NO Limited.

    1.00% for 500 days/1.20% for 125 days/2.50% Daily After 130 days/3.00% Daily After 95 days/3.50% Daily After 65 days-10.00% Daily After 30 days.

    ⇘⇘Refarel: $10-$14.

    ⇘⇘Withdraw: Manual.

    ⇘⇘Payment System: PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin.

    ⇘⇘ Payment Proof:
    Hello trusthyips.com.

    $5.00 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 3JAK1mjf9uu6opurLv8uEPbSAR1ikzLKca.
    Transaction batch is https://blockchain.com/btc/tx/699155...41a37a62603cd4.

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  2. trusthyips786

    trusthyips786 New Member

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  3. taylorsteven372

    taylorsteven372 New Member

    1st payment received

    Received BTC
    March 23 2020 @ 2:12PM
    To: 1EExgZBzUtuWqC2Y4NidWAt5gMHdiJGBFr
    From: Ritrexcapital
    0.00511217 BTC
  4. trusthyips786

    trusthyips786 New Member

  5. levirichard60

    levirichard60 New Member

    payment received

    Received BTC
    March 26 2020 @ 10.37 PM
    To: 1EgfTdtpAwWSK4z5vNgFwFMJSEeUirHLbP
    From: Ritrexcapital
    0.00707004 BTC
  6. trusthyips786

    trusthyips786 New Member

  7. tonyblair205

    tonyblair205 New Member

    Again paying

    Received DOGE
    April 8 2020 @ 3.35 AM
    To: 9v7Tc7SAioZD9FcwsqhDJca3d3EKNAT7xG
    From: Ritrexcapital
    0.00689531 DOGE

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