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Reddit Post And Upvote Service

Discussion in 'Advertising Forum' started by adam2531, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. adam2531

    adam2531 New Member

    I am here to provide my Reddit upvote service. I think there is no need of explaining what this service benefits are as i think almost all of you know

    abut Reddit and its traffic quality. You can get instant traffic by using my Reddit upvote service for both SFW/NSFW websites.

    What i will provide (monthly plan):

    - i will create viral posts on niche related subreddits with high traffic (post numbers depends on plan type see below)

    - I will upvote the submissions from anywhere 200-600 upvotes to boost it up.

    - I will add your urls as a source in the submission. (Big subreddits only allow imgur/gfycat type website so we have to add urls in comments only)

    - I will upvote the comments to be on top.

    - I will provide full support on my service through skype.



    10 monthly posts on your niche related subreddits

    Upvotes on both posts and comments

    price: 150/month


    20 monthly posts on your niche related subreddits

    Upvotes on both posts and comments

    price: 270/month


    30 monthly posts on your niche related subreddits

    Upvotes on both posts and comments

    price: 370/month

    Contact me at my skype at : topearnwithme


    Is your service 100% manual ?
    Yes, I do all the upvoting manually, slowly and from different proxy servers to avoid any unwanted attention.

    I ordered a XX votes package but my score shows only YY. What happened ?

    First of all, if your order is Completed then we've done all the upvotes and posts. Reddit, however, is not the typical social network, so here are a

    couple of things that might have happened: 1) People just downvoted your link; 2) A moderator blocked the upvoting in the middle (that actually happens

    often, once a link gets higher it goes under security); 3) Reddit does a lot of things to hide the actual vote count to protect against spam and bots,

    including vote fuzzing, delaying some of the votes so they get registered after some time, etc. Don't believe me ? Try to open your link from another

    computer and see if the score is the same. The best indication to look at is your link's position on the list.

    What is your refund policy?

    There is no refunds for successfull posts and votes. If i can't able to deliver the posts and votes then i will refund full ammount.

    Payment through Bitcoin only. To order please contact me on skype at : topearnwithme

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