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    I don't know if I am even asking in the right place but hopefully I can get some activity on this post

    I am looking for Sites that have a service that I can sell (one-Time Virtual vouchers)
    Visa or MasterCard
    or to say the least an affiliate reward program for referring new customers

    Now why I am looking for such service
    I live in Sudan
    and here we don't have Credit Card Service in our Banking System

    and thus we can't do any activity online and ppl want such cards but not linked to Bank account cause they will just end up in debt BIG TIME

    Now I know such service exists for two reasons:
    1) there is sudanese website that has such services but not very popular cause of high interest (25% profit mostly) had some issues (I think they use it through Paypal and it is not working in Sudan I think they have an Agent outside sudan for this feature)

    2) Perfect Money (while back i don't know if it still) selling limited visa vouchers per day (only limited stock) and it was highly in demand

    I found entropay and it is good for personal use but it is not what i am looking for (limited visa cards up 25 when highly upgraded with limited funds per month)

    So any other ideas??

    thanks in advance
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