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  1. Your English Cafe

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    Welcome to Profitshare!

    Earn 150% + Free Advertising (forever!)

    ProfitShare @ just couldn't be simpler.

    ☑️Join now and buy shares for just$2each. For each share you buy you can submit a banner ad that will show on our site forever (yes! Even after your investment has matured your banner will stay on our site!)

    ☑️When we earn money we will share that income with you until you have earned 150% of your investment!

    ☑️This system is BETTER than any other online money making! Why? Becuase we operate a 'real' website ( that has 'real' income.and has been online for 2498 days! We take your investment, use it to advertise and improve our website and share the profits with you.

    ☑️+ remember FREE, LIFETIME advertising for your banner ad? 150% return and banner advertisig for only $2?! Amazing...
  2. Your English Cafe

    Your English Cafe New Member


    We are giving 5 shares away, totally free. Just PM me to claim them.

    That's a FREE $2 share (that will earn 150% = $3) and also FREE LIFETIME BANNER ADVERTISING.

    The catch? In order to cashout the free $3 you will either need to refer a member who buys a share, or buy a second share yourself. That means if you buy the second share, your $2 will earn $6 and you will get 2 LIFETIME BANNER ADVERTISING SPOTS.
  3. Sammymoney

    Sammymoney New Member

    Excellent! I will try this - only $2 and I can advertise my blog? Seems like it is a really good deal.
  4. Your English Cafe

    Your English Cafe New Member

    Thank you! I see you have joined. I hope that you will share your payment proof here!

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