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Practice in forextrading

Discussion in 'Forex Discussion' started by david100, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. david100

    david100 Member

    If you want to trade forex market. At first you should demo trading. Demo trading is the first step in forex market. Without demo trading you could not gain forex market.
  2. davidblack

    davidblack Member

    Yes you are right. Practicing with Demo account is very necessary for every trader specially for new trader. More practice with Demo account lead you o get more experience and knowledge about Forex. Every trader must trade Demo account for at least six months.
  3. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    Lots of practice and evaluate our trading is a great way to improve our trading skills. To test the ability of our trading, both the ability to generate profits, manage risk and money management skills, you can try trading with Armada Market and become Trader Of The Month. Each month Armada gives out a 500 USD prize to the Trader of the Month who shows not only good profits, but also excellent risk and money management skills. Read more Trader Of The Month
  4. kaito kid

    kaito kid Member

    i practice demo in FBS. i think it is very helpful to me. demo trading is very helpful to us to develop our skills and learning. i think we should practice in a demo account at lest six months before starting real trading. after getting success in demo account, we should start real trading.
  5. nguyen1990

    nguyen1990 Member

    i practice on my demo account. it's really good for us. if we haven't demo account i think we will lose many money. now it is a great account for practice
  6. kaito kid

    kaito kid Member

    If forex is a good business for me, then I can be successful in this business and a lot of forex could be the key to success in this business a lot because forex is a good business for me so that I can succeed in this business and I can be successful in this business because a lot of forex good business for me and I am happy in this business.
  7. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    Learning and training is something that should run the trader if we are to succeed in this business. The more often we practice the more we are good at making decisions, the less we practice then we are certainly less sensitive to market conditions. we can using demo contest to maximize our ability. urrently I am participating in Armada Markets demo contest and link
  8. soraya

    soraya New Member

    I think that demo contest will better and more challenging for us. with free fund and no need deposit, we can get real money from that contest...
    Do you interest with, i'm participating in liteforex fighting demo contest right now.
  9. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    Yup, Demo contest are great to learn trading and you will even get a prize if you are successful. Currently I am participating in Armada Markets demo contest and link
  10. legend

    legend Member

    i have a few months when i practice with demo account. i think we should practice with demo account first if we don't want lose money. don't hurry on this market. we need patience to choose the best signal.
  11. prahara

    prahara Member

    Experience and practice always matters for not only new traders but for experienced traders. If we have much knowledge then we can able to make a good trading system and by such system we can maximize our profits and minimize our losses so hard work is key here. now I am trying to implement Money Management correctly in trading activities that I do in FBS
  12. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    I also agree with you in this opinion because the forex needs to be someone always practiced trading through training or real trading, the important thing is that the market continues so much to understand more and become more experienced and successful. Currently I am participating in Armada Markets demo contest and link
  13. Forex trading is really very difficult business if you want to earn good amount of money. The whole process the traders should learn in order to become successful. Practice is very important in the case of learning and that’s why I choose the demo account with FXdirects trading broker. In their demo account they offer all types of real trading tools and features which gives me practical trading knowledge about Forex trading.
  14. Kyle Wilkins

    Kyle Wilkins Member

    In the event that you need to prevail in any undertaking, including the forex field you need ingenuity, practice and commitment. Knowledge is critical to prevail in this currency trading world and in addition anything we need to do in our life. Learning will enable you to make to comprehend about the market circumstance and enable you to make possess trading to design, trading systems. XeroMarkets is the best place to increase best learning about forex trading. It also provides all the trading facilities.
  15. Somnia

    Somnia Member

    Where the magnitude of the risks that exist in this forex trading, we are obliged to always try to improve the maximum skills, such as where we can try to take advantage of demo account services for us to learn where the trading method is good and right, confident with the learning process will definitely there are results which we will be able to get
  16. Jimy Anderson

    Jimy Anderson Member

    Confidence is needed but over confidence is will harmful, sometime because over confidence then leading trader being greedy in trades, and dare to take high risk in trading witch actually the market very dynamic and not always after trader open trades then will directly get profit
  17. Practice is important as that takes us near the level we want to get. I never run away from practicing, as I know it’s one of the only ways to be successful. I work with FreshForex, which helps so much thanks to their fantastic features which includes low spreads, bonuses and many more such stuff. I love their 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus too, it’s superb.
  18. Jimy Anderson

    Jimy Anderson Member

    From all trading strategies scalping is more profitable that brings profit in a short time. but in spite of a profitable trading policy scalping cannot use in a regulated trading broker practically. So, we the traders who are particularly scalpers have to choose the broker which for all time ensures best trading environment for scalping by providing lowest trading spreads including minimum margin requirements.

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