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Porsche will Print the Seats on a 3D Printer

Discussion in 'Autosurf Discussion' started by crisslyn, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. crisslyn

    crisslyn New Member

    Porsche Corporation created chairs using elements that were printed on a 3D printer. For the first time, a new technology was used on a bucket seat - that of sports cars of the German brand.

    The central area of the cushion and back of the chair was partially made by volume printing from a combination of polyurethane materials. The material for the external seat upholstery was Racetex, which has large perforations. Special windows in the chair provide an opportunity to see the colored elements that are printed on a 3D printer.

    Thanks to new materials, it is possible to choose one of three levels of rigidity. In addition, any color of the interior of the seats is offered. Modern Porsche carzaamin.com/blog/japanese-used-cars-for-sale-in-pakistan/ do not currently have this kind of personalization.

    By May of this year, the company will prepare a debut batch of 40 "printed" seats with 6-point seat belts. They will be offered to owners of the Porsche 718 and 911 racing coupes, which take part in the European Championships.

    As noted, after collecting feedback and improvements - from about the middle of next year - new seats will appear on the market and they will be equipped with, in particular, road models of the German brand.

    Porsche Boxster turned into a station wagon

    The Dutch tuning company Van Thull Development has completed work on the appearance of a shootout based on the first generation Porsche Boxster. Thanks to the composite panels, the 2-door was enlarged and the rear part of the body was then painted in Miami Blue.

    The basis of the versatile coupe was the Porsche Boxster 986 series in auction carzaamin.com/auction, while there are elements taken from other models.

    Thus, the front of the body along with the headlights was borrowed from the 911 GT3 (997), the side windows from 911 (996), and the bumper and lights from the 911 seventh generation. The roof was lengthened due to carbon fiber inserts; rear window, presumably from Peugeot.

    After finishing work on the exterior, the tuners will work on the interior, including the trunk. Since the motor is actually located in it, the experts have a difficult task: to maintain the usable volume at such a level that it can accommodate at least 2 travel bags, and at the same time isolate the engine compartment

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