Official launch of 42 Money Making Machine

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  1. Official launch of 42
    Money Making Machine
    Legit BTC Doubler

    @Just50Bot <<< : point_left: point_left: point_left: TO START

    Bot link: @Just50Bot
    :calendar: Our official launch was on
    :atm: Our Payment Proofs

    Plan 1: Double Investment in 42 hours (credited 200% every 42 hours)

    :dollar: Min Investment : 0.0001 BTC
    :credit_card: Minimum withdraw: 0.0001 BTC
    :credit_card: Withdraw: to your wallet
    Investments count: any
    :alarm_clock: Investment period: 42 hours
    Withdraw fee: no fee

    42 Community Chats:
    English : :us: : @en42chatting
    Spanish : :es: @es42chatting
    Italian : :it: @It42chatting
    :busts_in_silhouette: ref.bonus : 10% instant
    (instant to your account for withdraw or reinvest)

    Join our telegram channel to know more
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  2. CGC

    CGC New Member

    Its new, its hot and its fresh
    If you are yet to register ... Kindly do so asap...

    Steps to get rich with

    1. Register,
    To avoid spams, registration is only possible via social login with facebook and google
    Click on the facebook or gmail icon, login to your account, give permissions and you are done

    2. Login and subscribe
    Subscribe to a package and you will be merged to a sponsor. You get only 2hrs to send crypto-currency to your sponsor.
    You must send any of the coin that your sponsor accepts.
    After payment, enter the transaction reference from blockchain and you are good to go

    3. Money Flow In
    As soon as you pay, you will be merged and 2 people pay you too

    The site has 2fa, to protect your account.

    Plus, you get 5% referral bonus when someone joins with your link

    For any other questions, you can check here

    The site has terms that you must agree to before you even use the site..

    Don't say I didn't inform you, Register as its fresh here

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