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New Exchanger Hopplex/my experience

Discussion in 'DX, e- Currencies, Exchangers, Payment Processors,' started by BLebovsky, Mar 17, 2019 at 4:53 PM.

  1. BLebovsky

    BLebovsky New Member

    I want to share with you my impressions of cooperation with the community “Hooplex”.

    I learned about the community through advertising on the Internet, and from that time I started to meet him a lot. It took a long time to fully explore this project.

    The first thing that pleased me is that the platform is already working.

    I'm already tired of projects that are launched in Beta Versions, and then they become scams. Hooplex first invested hundreds of thousands, or maybe millions of dollars in design, in the multi-currency core, in the company's website, in its uninterrupted operation, and only then opened. It says a lot.

    This inspires confidence already at the start.

    Let’s figure everything out.


    Judging by the data from the site, it was launched in 2018.


    Site design. I like the combination of purple and turquoise. It is important that the tone is calm and there is no irritation when you are on the site for a long time.

    Further, these 2 definitions.


    LexeraLXR - This is a multicurrency system, which has its own coin, called LXR - this is not a cryptocurrency, but simply a unit of internal calculation on the platform. Cryptocurrency is not suitable for a multicurrency core, because LXR is an intermediate link in the work of the technology.

    LexeraWay 1.0 - and this is the multicurrency core itself, which allows you to make instant interest-free multicurrency transactions and the conversion of the most popular currency units and cryptocurrencies.

    Next comes the company's video, promo:


    The video shows the community tasks very well and what problems this technology solves.


    And here's how it works.


    Simply put, if you need to send someone a cryptocurrency or Fiat, for this amount you buy LXR on the platform and send a money transfer in LXR or convert it to the currency you need.

    The peculiarity is that the operation takes place in this very core, and it is during the operation that new LXRs appear and burn. In essence, a coin is generated by the demand for it - there is no specific issue or process of mining.

    To be honest, I was struck by this development: the core provides security, the transaction is completely anonymous, the nominal number of coins depends on the number of operations inside the core. That is, LexeraWay is a new direction, an analogue of the blockchain.


    Go ahead. Deposit program. The deposit program is what interested me in the first place, since I invest in different sectors of the economy of different countries and I understand that money can be generated only if you produce or sell something. All that is generated from the air = Pyramid or ordinary HYIP. What we see here.


    The deposit program works on the local currency LXR. In order to open a deposit, you need to exchange your money for LXR (since this coin is not taken from nowhere - it is created in the exchange process and burns when you convert LXR currency into another). Also, the local currency exchange rate is growing from consumer demand. This means that it is beneficial to multiply this asset.

    The minimum term of the deposit = 1 month. This is excellent, as this is enough to test, and if all is well, you can invest for a longer period. I initially put $ 5000 for the test for a month, at the end of the month I specially withdraw the full amount.

    The withdrawal was, as promised, instantaneous, I selected ETH. I also withdraw interest. Now I put a deposit for 3 months at 0.9%. Percentages drip daily, you can also withdraw them instantly.

    By the way, the minimum deposit is 50LXR - this is about $ 50.

    And now the most important thing. Where does the company get the money to pay interest on the deposit? This is the first question I asked myself, and then admins and forums to decide to invest money for the test.

    In order to find the answer to this question, you need to look at this slide.


    The main objective of the platform is the exchange and transfer of funds. Yes, there is no commission, but there is a difference between the value of currencies. And just this difference allows you to earn. And the more operations take place during the day, the higher the income of the community. It's simple.

    In fact, this is an exchanger, that shares its income with us. But unlike the exchangers, that make huge money on commissions, Hooplex's income is constantly growing by increasing the number of platform users and exchanges inside the core. It allows to earn more. To whom? Of course, the platform itself. I am even happy. Because the higher the income of the platform, the more guaranteed I get my income.

    The next pleasant program is an affiliate program. That is, for attracting partners, we get money. And here we will stop a little. How does the platform pay money? If not from the investments of the newcomers (as in the pyramids), then from where? In fact, everything is simple. This is money from the revenues that the company receives from the same multi-currency exchanges.

    As in the blockchain, the greater the number of participants who use the system, the more stable the network itself. In this case, the more participants there are, the more income the platform has, which means that everything is super.

    I believe that with this approach, in the next 2-3 years, Hooplex will become a monopolist of money transfers and exchange operations. To be honest, I only worry about whether they allow it? And the fact that everything goes fine as it is - there is no doubt.


    Go ahead. Personal Account


    The Accountis very easy to understand. And this is its value. There is nothing superfluous.

    1) Account replenishment

    2) Withdrawal

    3) Transfer from wallet to wallet.

    Today you can buy an LXR internal coin for 13 different cryptocurrencies, as well as for electronic fiat money. The list of cryptocurrency is constantly updated. That is, now you do not need to go to the exchange and verify your account, wait a long time, and then deal with the features of this exchange. All this you can do in your Personal Account for one minute, even without experience.

    You can exchange earned LXR for any of the cryptocurrencies available on the website , as well as for electronic and Fiat money.

    The company's goals are indicated on the website: they want to collect more than 400 different cryptocurrencies as well as fiat money on a single platform.

    Everything is simple and convenient.

    My verdict: Out of 10 points, Hooplex is gaining all 10 of the reliability of investments and ease of operation.

    Errors happen in our life, it is important what conclusions we draw and what we take the next time we find ourselves in a similar situation, so that the result will be different. I always stick to the rule that you need to keep eggs in different baskets. That is, you need to diversify your investments in order to protect and increase them.

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