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    We reach LEVEL 2 - Jackpot > 50 000 Tron
    Road map:
    - Improve the "about" website based on players questions and feedbacks.
    - Do a better front end on the website (we do know front end is not very good but we wanted to launch the website asap as long as all functions to interact with the contract works well, we think it is the most important).
    - Add more options on the website like : current total number of shares in the contract and also allow any visitor to see current jackpot and countdown even if they are not log into tronlink.
    - Improve the website speed.
    - Help other to create their own websites allowing access to the contract, and promoting them.
    - If players love this kind of progressive game we are ready to do develop it on other blockchains, please let us know by replying on this topic and let us know on which chain you'd love to bet.
    - We have a minor issue with the website: after you play and confirm the transaction with tronlink the website still indicate "mining transaction" during a long time but transaction is already accepted by the contract. You can refresh your browser with F5 to go faster. We will fix it asap.
    - The website can't give you current jackpot amount and countdown if you are not log into Tronlink we will see how to change it soon.
    If you have any feedback or question about this game please drop a reply in this topic.

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