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    Dear users of the forum.
    We are pleased to introduce a high quality, reliable and 100% anonymous VPN service - LastVPN.com
    I'm sure many of you have thought about where to find a decent vpn-service, but could not determine the characteristics and features of the proposals.
    What actual difference is our service and why you should choose us ?
    • We offer :
    1. Stable connection protocols and OpenVPN PPtP.
    2. The presence of three relevant tariff plans.
    3. DoubleVPN with unique encryption technology .
    4. Fully automatic connection .
    5. A user-friendly control panel.
    6. The ability to automatically replenish internal account and subscribe .
    7. 9 more payment methods , including Bitcoin.
    8. Ability to change the tariff plan at no additional cost -add balance when changing or renewing a subscription.
    9. Flexible system of discounts + promotions .
    10. Friendly and adequate support , which will always help and suggest that you need.
    11. Supports all operating systems ( including mobile ), starting and ending with c MacOS Ubuntu.
    12. Detailed manuals for setting up of the desired system, including the FAQ.
    13. More than 7 private servers to connect .
    • And more :
    1. We really affordable prices , what you 'll be able to make .
    2. We do not sell bundles under the guise of TOP services , you can use any server included in your subscription without restrictions.
    3. In our service is no sharing. We do not cut a channel , as some unscrupulous providers .
    4. Completely absent logging .
    5. User authentication occurs with a unique digital signature that can not be hacked.
    • Briefly, what will help you VPN?
    1. Secure public networks , Wi-Fi at work, in cafes or other public places .
    2. Hiding the real ip- address masking activity on the Internet.
    3. Anonymous surfing the net , use applications.
    4. Unlock adult sites , gambling or regional resources .
    5. Anonymous use of p2p- networks and BitTorrent.
    6. Complete change of DNS- servers, which significantly increases the level of anonymity .
    • Rates :
    Lite: The basic package of anonymity. Subscriptions include 2 stable server connection .
    No restrictions on logging and speed.
    Optima: Standard package for comfortable operation. Strong encryption and lack of logs.
    Also there is full access to all servers and high speed connectivity .
    Double: Professional package designed for business people. Subscriptions include all server
    including resistant 2048- bit encryption with double crypto staging server , no logs.
    ( approx.) For all three packages present PPtP and OpenVPN access .
    Config files are generated automatically and are available immediately after the subscription in the control panel.
    Fully compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOS ( including mobile operating systems ) .
    • Prices :
    $ 7 per month to $ 27, depending on the package and the payment period .
    + Promotions with real discounts.

    • Comparison table permanent discounts ( on the subscription period ):
    1 month > 0 %
    3 months > 10 %
    6 months > 20 %
    12 months > 30 %
    • Available country to connect :

    United Kingdom

    Servers are not available under the spam, mailing and (XRumer)!

    • We accept:
    • Bitcoin
    • Webmoney
    • Visa / Mastercard
    • Perfectmoney
    • Yandex-Money
    • Paxum
    • Qiwi
    • Interkassa
    • Making your subscription and registration here :

    • Contact:
    Success and pleasant cooperation !
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    Offers and pricing plans are available to order
  3. Last VPN

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    Offers and pricing plans are available to order

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