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Is demo necessary for new trader ?

Discussion in 'Forex Discussion' started by david100, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. david100

    david100 Member

    Know .....it....
    If you want do anything you must know how to do it. So if you are a new trader its my own theory that you must trade in demo account for your best luck. Trade in demo account until you are not gainer.......
  2. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    Demo trading is necessary for the beginner. This is to practice and learn to use Armada Markets platform strategy. Next, you need to focus on developing strategies on a demo trading for several months. Then can move on to real accounts with Armada Markets in order to build further trading psychology. we can using a free welcome bonus 15 Euro from this broker
  3. kaito kid

    kaito kid Member

    trading with a demo account is very important, what more for beginners, because the trading demo we can try to apply to our real trading accounts later on. capital should be used in the demo account, to be adjusted with the capital that will be played on a real account later. FBS also offer a free 5 USD for a beginner
  4. santutu

    santutu Member

    it is really neccessary and important for new trader. because if we do not have it, new trader can be lose many money. because the most trader lose money at first time. demo the best place for test and learn about market
  5. soraya

    soraya New Member

    demo is good for newbie, and demo contes will be more good for them. Let's participate in litefx fighting demo contest, great prize and great experience for you...
  6. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    Demo contest are great to learn trading and you will even get a prize if you are successful. Currently I am participating in Armada Markets demo contest and link
  7. kaito kid

    kaito kid Member

    I think demo trading is very necessary, have a lot of discussion on this matter, anyways we start trading would be propped up with a demo account, it is impossible to directly use a real account, unless you're able to lose your money entirely.
  8. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    We are able to succeed if they continue to be patient. Many of us are too hasty to trade on live account. It's like there is no chance in the near future. We need to make sure we are ready before the trade in live account. Trade could increase the demo account for your patience.
  9. shere1779

    shere1779 Member

    Offcourse it is necessary for new traders . It is not possible to trade in real account without practice demo . When a new trader can successfully trade in demo account then they can apply it on real trading. So, I can say at a glace that is most important for new traders. If you would like best broker for opening demo account just visit this link and open your account.
  10. davidblack

    davidblack Member

    Forex trading with Demo account is very necessary.With demo trading you can get lot of knowledge,skills and experience which help you lot to the Forex trading in right way. Every trader must trade Demo account for at least six months . It is compulsory to trade with Demo for every new trader.
  11. kaito kid

    kaito kid Member

    Demo account is the place where you can practice and learn how to control your emotion and manage your money. Once you do well with demo account you can then jump into live account, but trade for atleast 3 months using demo account.
  12. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    Yes. demo account is very important for any traders (beginners or expert traders) because it will help us to
    become better traders. It could build our skill of trading and it could build our capabilities to take advantages
    in any different conditions of market with many pairs. if we want more experice, we must using a demo contest to measuring our capability. i am using Armada Markets - Demo Contest now
  13. legend

    legend Member

    i ussually test new stategy on this account. it is working as real market. we should use it for learning and testing
  14. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    demo account is good for traders who are new in forex. They can get trading experience using demo account and it will help them when they use real account. I think they also should try trading using real account to test their psychology, because when we trade using demo account, our psychology is not be honed, in fact they are traders who are failed because they did not have good psychology. 15 EUR welcome bonus from Armada Markets also can be used.
  15. kaito kid

    kaito kid Member

    demo trading is most necessary for a beginners because when a newbie join in forex trading business the trader have not proper knowledge about forex trading if the trader practice demo trading then the trader will have more experience about forex trading then the trader will be able to trading unless the trader will fail in forex business so demo trading is really necessary for a beginners. sfter we can get experience from demo account, we can using a free nodeposit bonus. many broker offering this and i am using free no deposit 5$ from FBS in the furst time
  16. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    beginners has lack knowledge and experience. when they are force to trade in live account, they'll fail for sure. however, when traders take training and learning, they'll has knowledge to perform proper analysis. traders know what they need to do or don't in trading and able to generate profit in consistent way.
  17. santutu

    santutu Member

    we can learn and trade with market as real money. the different is without lose real money. when we have profit stable. i think it is the best time for joining in with real money. we can pass the most time lose money
  18. prahara

    prahara Member

    I think for beginners to try out a demo account is obligatory. because in the demo account shows the same thing on a real account. advantage that we get is a risk-free here, and we can try various trading styles. we also can be using a free no deposit account to applicate the lesson in demo account. i use free no deposit account from FBS at first
  19. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    Demo trading is the best way to try trading advantages with broker that we have choose to trading. And we can get experience and knowledge that we can learn for our real trading. I also start trading with demo account from my broker. It’s a good opportunity to learn trading risk free or to try different new strategies. that are the best way for the new trader to know about forex. after traders understand how the forex, next is opening a real account. we can mastering our system with participate in demo contest. Currently I am participating in Armada Markets demo contest and link
  20. edowibawa

    edowibawa Member

    demo account is proper for testing our strategy and making us more familiar with metatrader. It will make us easy to trade in live trading.

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