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    It has an attractive, opalescent appearance, and it has essentially no odor. It absorbsrapidly, leaving your skin with a smooth velvety feeling. Once you've allowed most of it to drain back, I recommend you lay it back down, and vskin active pushthe rest back down to the bottom. Squeeze out as much as you can. I've done this quitea few times, and I've measured how much you can recover using this process. I've beenable to get as much as 98% of the ingredients from the bag and into the bottle just by scrapingit like I've shown you here three times. If you're pleased with this recipe, you might like to consider using ReCverin 50/50 TM foryour next batch. This product contains BOTH of the naturally-occurring forms of vitaminC, ascorbic acid and dehydroascorbic acid, in the same proportions as found in normalskin.

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