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How to control your emotion at profit position?

Discussion in 'Forex Discussion' started by david100, May 3, 2014.

  1. david100

    david100 Member

    Sometime when i start trade and get a positive position,i really want to close it as fast as i can.that's an emotion.

    Many people said to control our emotion when we get lost by cut the floating position.
    So why do we really want to cut our profit?that's an emotion.
    what you opinion about that?
  2. kaito kid

    kaito kid Member

    For you to control your emotion toward profit taking you have to go back to demo account first,so when ever you place trade put your take profit and your stop loss and if it move in your favor do not take the profit let it hit the take profit by it self. do you want to trying no deposit bonus from FBS
  3. abory

    abory Member

    We must have profit target in forex if we want to get maximal result in forex. We must know when we should stop, close our position. for trading, i also maximize 35% deposit bonus from RealTrade. It's very helpful because i can trade with bigger amount. But i also keep to be discipline trader.
  4. kaito kid

    kaito kid Member

    To control your emotion in profit position at the market you need to stay disciplined. we can make use of take profit option also, set a take profit at the zone of just before your desired level and don't be greedy. my broker give us 30% deposit bonus and insurance. this really good option for the trader
  5. shere1779

    shere1779 Member

    Emotions in forex very factors affecting the trade and lack of control over our emotions while trading lead to the loss or cut profits.I believe that with the passage of time and experience and adequate training can improve the quality of deliberating because the correct methods of trading increases self-confidence and help to control your emotions.
  6. kaito kid

    kaito kid Member

    In Forex trading, we should be able to control your emotions, either at a profit or at a loss. All must be addressed wisely, by prioritizing thoughts rather than feelings. Price movements uncertain market could trigger a rise in adrenaline, we feel tense and depressed by the situation. That's all we can prepare a strategy with precise trading strategy. It takes time and careful thought to have a proper trading strategy. I suppose, using the right strategy then our emotions will be more calm, rather than speculation.
  7. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    Forex is a high risk and high reward business. We can not only put our money in our trading account and it grow it self, but we need to trade with that. And forex trading not only buy or sell, but need much more than that. We have to understand the forex market, we need a good well known the forex system, we also need a good handling our emotions in forex trading.
  8. You need to stay disciplined in profit position at the Forex market to control your emotion. According to my research most of the Forex traders can’t reach to their goal due to lack of emotion controlling capacity in Forex. By trading with FXdirects the credible, stable and reliable Forex broker I can always control my emotions in profit position while from this broker I have different trading tools and features to make profit rapidly in my trading.
  9. Kyle Wilkins

    Kyle Wilkins Member

    Controlling the emotions is the key to success in trading. Forex trading includes feelings as there is benefit and misfortune. The issue is most traders overlook the mental part of the traders even they think about it. They don't take a shot at to build up their trading psychology. They pursue system. Regular they search for another 100% gainful methodology. Attempt to know the business first you will get achievement. . I am happy to have XeroMarkets as my broker. It gives ultra low spreads of 0.0 pip and have 77+ Trading instruments.

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