Hirschfeld finds a buyer for Marquand investment penthouse

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    Elie Hirschfeld's firm is selling the investment penthouse it bought at the Marquand.

    While the last listing price of the six-bedroom triplex pad before going into the contract was $36 million, Karl Griggs, executive vice president at Hirschfeld Properties, said the company didn't sell everything they owned in the building and the price does not represent a loss.

    We had an offer and it made sense to sell, Griggs said. We didn't sell the entire package.

    Hirschfeld in September 2016 paid $37.5 million for the penthouse pad. The firm declined to state what other units it had at 11 East 68th Street, which HFZ Capital Group and Vornado Realty Trust bought in 2011 and converted to luxury condominiums.

    Located a block from Central Park, the apartment features seven bathrooms and has two terraces with an outdoor exercise pool and hot tub.

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