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Gain Financial Freedom

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Dale Ulmer, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. Dale Ulmer

    Dale Ulmer Member

    Do you seek financial freedom? Have you been turned down severally by the bank and private lenders trying to secure a loan? Well if you're reading this then this is a life changing opportunity for you. Ever heard of Whales Investment? I mean the real organization, a lot of scams artist tried to ruin their reputation using their name to defraud many online. But here is something interesting about the real Whales investment, you need a referral code from someone who has benefited from their investment scheme. Their sole aim is helping those struggling to gain financial freedom by trading the Crypto/Forex on your behalf and making you 5 times your investment in a week, even college students are benefiting from this investment as you only need a minimum of $100 in bitcoin or skrill money to get started.

    I was introduced to Whales Investment by a close friend, I so love their concept, everything is done offline and also well managed in accordance to what they say they do. After your first investment with them, you will only be able to start another investment with them after a 16 weeks period (4 months), It's like a KYC (Know Your Client) policy, and their strive to satisfying all they clients equally.

    Their service is what I call top-notch because they've been running since 2017, I actually made my research, and they've been legit since then. I spent a whole month trying to see if I could crack up the CEO on LinkedIn because then I believed they were pure scam but I was later wrong after a whole month of doing proper research, it got to a point the CEO introduced me to some of his team, did a lot of Webcams with them, and they really do have a Business location in Florida United States. I also got referred to 15 of their oldest clients and some have been investing with them since 2017 till date. For those interested in this opportunity, you can contact me on WhatsApp or via email for my referral code and how to get in touch with the CEO of Whales Investment.
    WhatsApp: +1(913)-229-5145
    Email: daleulmer01@gmail.com
  2. Dale Ulmer

    Dale Ulmer Member

    Here is an email I received from someone I referred to this investment, I've posted this same opportunity on other forums and a lot of people have been benefited from this investment.
  3. Dale Ulmer

    Dale Ulmer Member

    The CEO of Whales Investment and his team have been doing great, a lot of people have benefited positivity. Truly a lifetime opportunity, the crypto and forex market is real, and these guys are expert traders, maximizing profit.
  4. Dale Ulmer

    Dale Ulmer Member

    For those interested in this opportunity, you can chat me up via whatsapp or email for my referral code and contact details of the CEO of Whales Investment
  5. Dale Ulmer

    Dale Ulmer Member

    I know a lot of you guys will doubt this, but the truth is that, I didn't do any of this trying to convince anyone. Those who need such opportunity like this, is the reason I shared this here. Interested persons should contact me on any of two details I provided in my post, on how to get started.

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