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Discussion in 'Forex Discussion' started by f4y, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. f4y

    f4y Member


    A company with innovation philosophy

    The vision for our services is to contribute to the global change in the online trading industry — bringing more transparency and making trading truly accessible to all.

    Forex4you started in 2007 with own vision in the industry

    E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc. started off in 2007 with the launch of its founders’ first online trading service under the trademark Forex4you. Young, energetic and ready to succeed, we worked towards a vision of making a difference in the industry.

    Launched social trading service Share4you in 2013

    As we steadily grew every year, introducing newly developed technology and expanding our services, in 2013 we launched the social trading service Share4you, which allows anyone to become a participant in the financial markets. It was one of the pioneering projects in the industry before the online social trading boom took hold a year after.

    In 2016 introduced our own liquidity aggregator and order execution technology - MarketPlace.

    We continuously invest in technology to improve our services and products and as the result in 2016 we launched MarketPlace - our own liquidity aggregator and order execution technology. Software that aggregates offers from various liquidity providers and chooses the best BID/ASK prices and transmits them to the clients’ terminals. This way execution of client requests is always done at the best available prices. And this technology has given us the ability to create our own WebTrader, mobile applications and installable platform on all PC's.

    License information

    E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc (“E-GLOBAL”) is authorized and licensed by the Financial Services Commission FSC under the Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010 (“SIBA”) in the British Virgin Islands (“BVI”). This has been acquired due to E-GLOBAL’s intentions to become a fully licensed company and secure the investment brokerage services to the customers.
  2. Ryan Feinberg

    Ryan Feinberg Member

    Thanks for sharing your broker with us but I have seen too many negative reviews about this broker than positive. So, all traders just ensure your broker’s reputation before investing in their account. I trade with AAFX to get the best trading deal along with my fund safety. This is one of the most dependable brokers in my country who provides best trading deals. And most off all it hardly have any negative reputation in the market.
  3. There are many trading broker in the market and the number of trading brokers are more than thousands. But the tough work is to find a good one from this thousands of broker. Different trader comfortable with different brokers. I am comfortable with ECN broker TopFX24. They are the best regulated trading broker in the market. Who have the secured trading environment with micro lot trading facility and 1: 500 leverage with 0.9 pips spreads.
  4. Jimy Anderson

    Jimy Anderson Member

    I am not willing to rate at any brokers which I have not used or verified. Because lots of trading brokers we have and most of them are found to be scams. But I can rate only LQDFX which I have been using from my first day of trading due to secure trading environment. this STP trading platform for all time make sure security of funds at any kinds of investments with a wide range of trading technologies. And they don’t restrict any kinds of trading techniques with scalping and hedging. so, my trading life is very much comfortable.
  5. f4y

    f4y Member

    Which program is a better fit?

    Promoting Share4you and Forex4you you are entitled to benefit from either of our three partner programs. Become part of our success!
    For partners with promotional capacity of a website, popular blog or a social media account.

    Affiliate Program
    Benefit from a three-level program. Earn from the clients of partners and their sub-partners.
    If you attract another partner you will receive a 16.7% commission on all earnings generated by that partner. And it gets even better — when that
    partner signs up other partners, you will receive a 5.6% commission on all earnings generated by that sub-partner.

    Agent program
    Receive 65% of the spread and 65% of the order opening commission. Earn up to 75% if your clients’ monthly traded amount is over 1000 lots!

    Pro STP Markup program
    You can choose how much your attracted clients will pay you. Amounts available $2, $7, $15, $30, $40 or $50 per one traded lot.
    This program is available only for Pro STP accounts.

    Forex4you © Copyright 2007-2018 E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc.
  6. f4y

    f4y Member

    50% Cashback Program

    Trade as you traded before and get back 50% of paid spread and commission. Available for those who don’t have active deposit credit bonus.

    Up to $10 back per lot on EUR/USD trades Spread & commission rebate Valid for non-partner clients No time limit

    How to get it?
    All you need to do is switch your real trading account to the “Cashback” service. In order to activate the «Cashback» option login to your Trader Room and proceed to the “My funds” section and choose tab “Bonus offers”. Click on button “Get rebate bonus”.
  7. Jimy Anderson

    Jimy Anderson Member

    Each the trader has a choice of the broker to be used , should the trader can choose a broker that is more appropriate to the concept of trading that will be used , if you love scalping should choose the broker that allows trading concept as this. from all trading strategies scalping is more profitable , but in spite of a profitable trading policy scalping cannot use in a regulated trading broker due to many restrictions.
  8. Adam Abbott

    Adam Abbott Member

    Firms that allow traders with a platform and works as a media for solving all crediting task is called broker. We usually go after a reliable ad transparent broker for running our trading nicely and fluently. As a fluent and regulated trading broker I selected Trade12 who uses all regulated bank accounts and maintain third party to supervise all accounts and that’s why I am secure here.
  9. f4y

    f4y Member

  10. Adam Abbott

    Adam Abbott Member

    I am trading with Trade12 is a popular ECN trading platform and honest as well as active in serving their traders and these are the prime reason of choosing the broker. With the broker first of all I have high security of funding because they use regulated bank accounts in order to provide high security and use third party to supervise all accounts. They include high trading leverage and smart bridge technology mostly helpful for scalping and hedging.
  11. Jimy Anderson

    Jimy Anderson Member

    According to our trading experience basically we the traders select our trading strategies. Due to small balance I always have to depend on scalping strategy that brings profit in a short time. And for using this trading policy in a proper way I have chosen LQDFX which for all time make sure best trading environment for scalping by providing lowest trading spreads from 0 pips which is very supportive to make profit with certainly by using this short time trading approach. So, my trading life is very much profitable.
  12. f4y

    f4y Member

    Forex4you Opens the Gateway to Crypto Trading


    Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum. Want to trade some of the most popular cryptocurrency trading assets around? Now you can, as Forex4you has given you direct access to crypto trading from your existing trading account.

    Why Trade Crypto with Forex4you?

    Lowest commissions at just 0.3% per order. Access to most popular cryptocurrencies. Suitable for beginners and pros with our user-friendly platform. Speculate on the crypto price movements, rather than buying them outright. Trade with leverage up to 1:5

    That means you can trade cryptocurrencies right away!
  13. f4y

    f4y Member

  14. Adam Abbott

    Adam Abbott Member

    Traders have different choice about broker choosing and so do I. As a fit scalping broker I have been with Trade12 broker. Here I have high trading leverage like more than 1:400, narrow floating trading spread, tightest margin level, lowest transaction cost and ECN accounts with lowest commission and no restrictions for pending orders. With the broker you can make an easy entrance to other markets.
  15. Jimy Anderson

    Jimy Anderson Member

    From my first day of trading I have been using LQDFX which is real STP Execution trading platform and for all time make sure security of funds , superior execution for trading , easy withdrawal system without long time process, active customer services and much more real trading facilities that are very supportive to lead a comfortable trading life with certainly. and they don’t restrict any don’t restrict any kinds of trading techniques with scalping and hedging. so, my trading life is very much comfortable.
  16. f4y

    f4y Member

    25% Deposit Bonus Program


    Bonus program gives you the opportunity to earn more with your capital. You can choose up to 25% bonus as an instant credit bonus on your deposit.

    From 5% to 25% bonus
    5 bonuses at a time
    Unlimited bonus amount
  17. f4y

    f4y Member

    Share4you 5th Anniversary


    To celebrate we are giving $5000 to the person that makes the 100millionth trade! Want to be that person? Start copying on Share4you!

    Browse traders activity
    Select traders to follow
    One click to copy their traders
  18. f4y

    f4y Member

    Economic calendar


    The Economic calendar will help you not only follow a wide range of major economic events that
    continuously move the market but also make the right investment decisions.

    Why should I use it?

    It’s reliable. You can trust it.
    It’s the most complete, accurate and timely economic calendar of the Forex market. We have a dedicated

    team of economists and journalists who update all the data 24h a day, 5 days a week.
  19. f4y

    f4y Member



    PAMM is a partnership where you bring the capital to be invested and the trader brings their time and expertise to manage that investment for you. Just open a PAMM investment account, transfer the investment amount you’d like to start with, and let an experienced trader do the investing work for you.
  20. Adam Abbott

    Adam Abbott Member

    I am actually trading with Trade12 broker. With the broker I have some mesmerizing facilities like I can enjoy an easy access to other financial market, easy fund transferring from one account to another. The broker is in the top for the scalpers and hedgers because of their smart bridge technology, superior fast execution, high trading leverage and narrow floating trading spread.

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