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Earn 25000 satoshi per day (Easy money)

Discussion in 'Sports Betting & Online Gambling' started by caoc69, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. caoc69

    caoc69 New Member

    Follow all step


    Step 2 = verify your email address

    Step 3 = Click Faucet ( Click "More" in Menu bar )

    Step 4 = Click Games

    Step 5 = Click Automating betting ( Bet Amount 0.00000000)

    Level up
    when you reach level 14 every Faucet amount is 0.00000490
    Every Day Faucet limit is 50

    Step 6 = play Mines with 24 bombs ( if you hits gems, you get 490x24=12250)

    create Second account ( It is legal ) ( your 2nd account username=username+Bank )

    Step 7 = Sent tip to your 2nd account ( Now your account is zero, then click Faucet and follow step 6 again ) Easy Money

    Stake Rules
    Do not bag for Tip in chat room or PM
    Do not use CAPS in Chat Room

    its is very easy money, if you are good in casino then you earn 1BTC
    Good Luck
  2. Goips

    Goips New Member

    Hello, I can not confirm the registration. I do not receive a confirmation and an activation key to the mail.

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