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Different Materials used in Watches

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by crisslyn, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. crisslyn

    crisslyn New Member

    Paying attention to the materials used to make a watch above all helps determine its solidity and resistance over time. If this is a criterion that you will partly control since you can freely choose your favorite bracelet or the type of dial that you will like the most, the choice concerning the glass will however be imposed.

    For Glass
    The choice of glass is almost impossible: it is almost always determined by the manufacturer, and it is a detail that must necessarily comply. But it is not necessarily necessary to have concerns, since the different types of glass used for watches rafiqsonsonline(.com/product-category/omax-watches/glitter-watch/ are all quite resistant and they are able to resist scratches well ! Here are the different types of glass that can be encountered:

    Acrylic glass: Also called plexiglass, it is a plastic glass that is both light and inexpensive. It is, however, the least resistant glass, in particular to scratches, scuffs and shocks.

    Mineral glass: Real glass, it undergoes treatments for better resistance to shocks and impacts. Very robust but more expensive, it is mainly found on models from the mid-range.

    Sapphire glass: Created from aluminum oxide, it is the most robust of glasses. It is favored by high-end brands for its extreme resistance.

    For the case
    The material used to make the watch case, and more particularly the dial, the bezel and the caseband (that is to say everything surrounding the mechanism and the hands) can be chosen according to the least of your tastes . Although one has the impression that these elements are often made of metal, it is in fact possible to find them made in various materials in watches rafiqsonsonline(.)com/product-category/omax-watches/sparkle-watch/, which influence besides as well on the solidity of the watch as on its style or even its price . Here are the most common, but also the most expensive and the most trendy:

    Stainless steel: It is the most generally used material since it has the advantage of perfectly resisting wear and adapting to all styles of watches. Rather affordable in terms of cost, it is however quite heavy.
    Noble metals: Whether titanium, platinum or even gold, it is obviously possible to find cases made from noble and precious metals. The price is affected, but the manufacturing quality is exceptional and the watch becomes a luxury accessory.

    Just the opposite of noble metals, plastic for a case makes it possible to make a very cheap watch. Although plastic is not that fragile, its durability has nothing to do with that of metals, even steel.

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