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CloudToken - Get You Paid ~10% A Month Totally Passively to HODL YOUR Crypto

Discussion in 'HYIP Discussion' started by hyipstalk, May 1, 2019.

  1. hyipstalk

    hyipstalk Administrator Staff Member


    Referral Code: 5264283746

    Set up on your IOS or Android phone only.
    iPhone requires you to allow this native app to be installed.

    Cloud Token, The AI Mobile Wallet that pays you to HODL

    Discover How This Next Generation Decentralized Crypto Wallet App Can Get You Paid ~10% A Month Totally Passively For HOLDING Your Bitcoin And Crypto In YOUR Own Wallet!

    A lot of people made a FORTUNE with PlusToken... now it's YOUR time and MY TIME to do it with another Decentralized Crypto Wallet... That pays us to HODL our Crypto

    What makes this opportunity even more INCREDIBLE is that we can start stacking this coin now at ONLY .30¢. and the BLOCKCHAIN team behind it SO STRONG !! We're talking BeByte (the fourth gen blockchain) and World Blockchain Forum Corp

    You may visit: https://www.CloudTokenWalletSystem.com to get more information about CloudToken
  2. hyipstalk

    hyipstalk Administrator Staff Member

    Watch the overview video at

    Start earning by installing an APP on your Smartphone. Everything is 100% automated and you keep on earning daily.

    All you need to do is make a Crypto deposit and start earning Cloud Tokens (CTO) Daily via the JARVIS Arbitrage Trading Software, These tokens are presently valued at $0.30 each, you will receive 10% to 15% monthly (paid daily), We expect to see a 100x value increase in less than a year. You can exchange the tokens for real money (Ethereum) at any time. You can even do this daily.

    Your deposit never expires and you will keep on earning daily. This is an automated money making machine.

    This could be the hottest passive income source you have ever seen!


    How To Get Started With Cloudtoken:

    1. Go to www.cloudtokenwallet.com on your smartphone

    2. Download the iOS App or Android App

    3. Open the app and create an account

    4. Enter Referral ID: 5264283746

    5. Create Pins you will remember (I recommend to take a screen shot)

    6. Deposit crypto of your choice

    7. Once your crypto is in your wallet Go to “Projects” and activate JarvisAi, then click MAX. The JarvisAi will then start working and will pay you CTO DAILY!

    8. Collect CTO (about 10%-15% per month of what you are holding)

    9. Either hold CTO or instantly exchange CTO to Ethereum then you can withdraw your Ethereum to any external wallet of your choice


    Cloudtoken have an excellent affiliate opportunity where you earn 100% Matching Commissions on Level 1, 50% Matching Commissions on Level 2 and 5% earnings to up to 21 levels deep.

    All you need to do is to get people to install the APP and make a deposit.
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  3. ChingizKhan05

    ChingizKhan05 New Member

    I hope this is not just another hoax?
  4. hyipstalk

    hyipstalk Administrator Staff Member

    Hi ChingizKhan05,

    As per my understanding it's a serious program and not just a hoax.
  5. hyipstalk

    hyipstalk Administrator Staff Member

    Please note that Cloud Token has officially launched on May 12th 2019 and that the CTO token price has jumped from $0.30 to $0.3450

    Join Cloud Token before it's too late!
    Last edited: May 19, 2019
  6. hyipstalk

    hyipstalk Administrator Staff Member

    Short price history of Cloud Token 26.1% increase!

    11 May: $0.30 (initial price)
    12 May: $0.31
    13 May: $0.33
    15 May: $0.34
    16 May: $0.345
    20 May: $0.352
    22 May: $0.359
    23 May: $0.3669
    23 May: $0.3698 (2 in a row)
    26 May: $0.3783 2.3% increase
  7. hyipstalk

    hyipstalk Administrator Staff Member

  8. hyipstalk

    hyipstalk Administrator Staff Member

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