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    Earn Satoshi while playing a great online multiplayer game! Fight big NPCs in a group or fight against your enemies in a gigantic arena!

    Fight real enemies in the arena and win big rewards for every kill you make!

    Earn Bitcoin while playing! Earn rewards in the arena or in weekly competitions!

    Upgrade your character and get even better and defeat your enemies even easier!

    Grind yourself to the top by killing NPCs and earn Credits, XP and Satoshi!

    Play yourself to the top of the ranking and show everyone who is the best!

    Fight together against a strong boss or steal it from your enemies!

    What do I do at this game?
    The main part is the arena! Join it by clicking the button "Join the arena" at the top of the page. There you can find up to 20 players/Npcs.

    Fight the enemies by clicking on their target. Their border-color should now change to orange. To attack them, press "start attack" at the bottom, or use the Hotkey "Q". As soon as their life hits 0 you will get some reward!

    Use the functions on this main page to make your account even stronger!

    To get further weapons go to shop and then weapons. Each weapon has a different accuracy and reload time.

    After you bought your weapon, go to character and then equipment. Firstly don't forget that! They won't have any effect if you don't equip them. Secondly you can only do that while you are not in the arena

    But keep in mind, that each further weapon will use more ammo, so keep an eye on your ammo stock so you don't run out of ammo during a fight!

    Each ammo deals a different base damage. The DoS attack has a base damage from 6, the starter ammo which can be bought for credits. The second ammo has a damage from 10 and can also be bought for credits. The best ammo has a damage 30 and can only be bought for crypots.

    Use a Medipack to regenerate 1000 Hitpoints.

    On the left side there is a target that marks him as a player. On the right side, you see a badge according to the Prestigerank of a player.

    How do I earn Satoshi?
    You earn Satoshi by playing! Find exploits and kill other players to earn satoshi. But you will earn the most satoshi for winning at competitions.

    How can I request a payout?
    Just go to the "Satoshi" Page and request your payout there! We process them currently manually. You can choose between getting your money directly in your wallet or using Faucethub.

    Minimum payout > 10 satoshi
    In order to request your payout successfully you need to be at least level 8 and have your email address confirmed.


    Earn 10% referal reward
    For every payout they request on Clickfight, you will be rewarded with 10% of their payout amount!

    What are the Arenalevels?
    You can now jump between every arenalevel you want, till you reach your max arenalevel. Your max arenalevel is your current level, which you can see on the main page.

    To get you going, we deactivated pvp in arenalevel 1 in every arenalevel above, pvp is activated. So if you just have started, arenalevel 1 might be your choice. But if you risk more you'll get higher rewards. So get your weapons going, to survive!

    Get 100 free satoshi for signing up now!

    CLICKFIGHT - Join Clickfight!

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    Chat will be implemented very soon!
    Admin currently working on chat rule and the last few things before the chat is done and ready to be implemented.

    How to earn Satoshi?

    - Best way: our weekly competitions with big rewards.
    - Another good alternative: Kill the boss NPC in the arena.
    - Other real players also give a good amount of satoshi.
    - Daily challenge
    - And even strong normal NPCs give some satoshi.

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    New Firewalls!

    You can now buy our firewalls in the shop!

    You can buy those either with credits or with cryptos.

    The weakest firewall will give you 40 Hitpoints for 1,000 credits, the second firewall will add 80 Hitpoints for 50,000 credits. The strongest firewall will add 120 Hitpoints for 7,000 cryptos!

    But you'll have to buy firewall slots first.
    To do so, go to character, then equipment and there you'll see the button with buy firewall slot!
    In total, you'll be able to buy 30 firewall slots!

    Further Weapon Slots!

    20 weapon slots is no longer the maximum!

    You can now buy 30 additional weapon slots and therefore have 50 weapon slots in total!

    The darknet!

    We are introducing our darknet alpha and our creditnet.

    The darknet can either be bought through cryptos in our darknet generator or the creditnet with credits.

    By buying the darknet alpha, you’ll either get darknet pieces or ammo and other stuff. After gathering all pieces, you can jump into the darknet through the normal Arena.

    After joining those, you’ll fight our NPCs in multiple waves.

    The Creditnet can be bought for 2,000,000 credits.

    Additionally, there is now a new ammo "Mobile Strike" and is now the strongest ammo.
    It can only be obtained through the darknet generator or as the final rewards from the darknet alpha.

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