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    I am not admin or owner of this program!

    Started: 30th Oct 2019


    Have you been dreaming about financial independence for a long time? Does everyone around talk about cryptocurrencies?

    Using many years of experience in cryptocurrencies our company has created a unique investment product! By combining OTC, arbitrage transactions and the power of neural networks, we have learned to get stable high profits regardless of the state and of market movement.

    Time is money, and we know how to make money fast! Join our successful team and gain financial independence.

    Investment Plans

    Minimum invest 0.005 BTC, you will earn 4.32% daily for termless, profit is added every 60 seconds, deposit can be withdrawn anytime you want with 15% fee

    Referral Commissions: 7%

    Payment Options: BTC, ETH, Doge

    Withdrawal Type: Manually with 30 minutes

  2. hongwei

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    9.37 dollars Bitcoin withdrawal request received fast, thanks admin:
  3. hongwei

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    The amount of 7 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U19566343->U3869878. Memo: API Payment.. Date: 00:31 08.11.19. Batch: 288616841
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    12.08 dollars BITCOIN withdrawal request received, thanks admin:
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    11.64 dollars BITCOIN withdrawal received, thanks admin:
  6. hongwei

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    9.71 dollars BTC withdrawal request received, thanks admin:
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    I invested in here a total of 0.033 Btc
    This program has good potential and as a piggy bank it seems to be doing very well :)
    Soon to update regarding my payouts

    Deposit Batch -

    0.033 BTC
    2019-11-08 8:29 PM

  8. hongwei

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    0.00121 BTC withdrawal request processed fast, thanks admin:
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    0.00123 BTC withdrawal request received fast, thanks admin:
  10. hongwei

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    0.0011 BTC withdrawal request received fast, thanks admin:

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