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    New investment platform: Bitcoin & Litecoin Bank
    SVGFSA License. Company Number 44299 IBC 2019
    Opening of the company: January 26, 2019.
    Start online: 06 March 2019.

    About company:
    Bitcoin & Litecoin Bank is a financial holding founded in April 2017.
    The group provides services related to the blockchain through its two subsidiaries
    companies (B & LBank over-the-counter transactions, B & LBank warehouse assets).
    B & LBank OTC Trades is a private company operating in the over-the-counter cryptocurrency market.
    (founded in 2016 and managed over $ 580 million for institutional investors,
    which is now open to individual investors around the world). B & LBank- warehouse assets
    It is a financial intermediary available to qualified and institutional investors in over-the-counter markets.
    The company executes orders using trading algorithms, which means that it can use
    liquidity of the world's leading exchanges and offer optimized execution of orders. Purchased crypto assets can
    be either securely stored in the B & LBank vault or sent directly to the client’s personal wallet.
    These funds are managed by a team of Bitcoin & Litecoin Bank investment experts.
    Given the advances in technology, it has become extremely difficult to make a profit from incorrect pricing in the market.

    Investment conditions:
    Bitcoin & Litecoin Bank offers a choice of one or more investment strategies,
    and each of them is guaranteed to bring you a daily income of up to 3.2% for 60 calendar
    Your rate of return will differ depending on the expected profit, as well as the amount of your deposit.
    Watch your savings increase.

    1.8% daily for 60 days
    Minimum amount: 0.001 BTC
    Maximum amount: 1 BTC
    Return of principal
    Instant Payments (INSTANT)
    Accept: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum

    2.5% daily for 60 days
    Minimum amount: 1 BTC
    Maximum amount: 10 BTC
    Return of principal
    Instant Payments (INSTANT)
    Accept: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum

    3.2% daily for 60 days
    Minimum amount: 10 BTC
    Maximum amount: unlimited
    Return of principal
    Instant Payments (INSTANT)
    Accept: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum


    - DDOS Protection - cloudflare
    - SSL CloudFlare
    - Instant payments (INSTANT)
    - Domain Registrar
    - One site language: English
    - Script: self-written

    Affiliate Program:

    Partner: 5% of the contribution.
    Representative: 10% of the contribution.

    B & L Bank contact information:
    Address: Royal Exchange, London, EC3V 3LT
    Telephone: +44 7441 911505
    WatsApp: +44 7441 911505
    Telegram: @bitlitebanksupport
    Telegram group: @BitLiteBank

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    Our contribution:
    withdraw 0.01310000 BTC from your account to 38qdYARWVetSgAcGScrMB7Hvo6sDTnEMJk.
    3/9/2019 07:46:17 am 0.01310000 BTC Completed 38qdYARWVetSgAcGScrMB7Hvo6sDTnEMJk
    Transaction ID: 57016643b82039dbfb1b7f1d69b33f0994199c0c5078768b6f6db05bbc1c0fc1
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