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BITBOUNCE LIMITED - bitbounce.biz

Discussion in 'HYIP Discussion' started by natan60, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. natan60

    natan60 Member

    I'm not the admin



    BITBOUNCE LIMITED specializes in trading and increasing profits mainly in the Forex market. Experienced in this market from 2011, we pay attention to the high volatility of the Crypto currency to participate in this process and get great benefits. Regardless of the market's up and down, the practical experience of 7 years of participation and the wide skills that our traders have received in the past not only help us predict the price changes or movement but also apply this knowledge successfully to process transactions with high productivity and maximize profits.
    Investment Plans

    10% Daily Forever
    Min 0.00100000BTC
    Max 2.00000000BTC

    12% Daily Forever
    Min 2.00000001BTC
    Max 5.00000000BTC

    14% Daily Forever
    Min 5.00000001BTC
    Max 10.00000000BTC

    18% Daily Forever
    Min 10.00000001BTC
    Max 30.00000000BTC

    25% Daily Forever
    Min 30.00000001BTC
    Max 80.00000000BTC

    Ref. Commission 5%-2%

    Accept: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Advcash

    Join Here
  2. natan60

    natan60 Member

    Paying Instantly

    Hello natan60.

    $0.00135000 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 1JiEGZ47QWzovSFiZHaaUmWWBbquCtDRaw.
    Transaction batch is 7a2ea7cd07c2796f64ca06f4bbbaeeb8e97fef8e7eadf3dafeedc707f8c143df.

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