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[ANN] Know Your Developer (KYD) Bridging trust between community and developer!

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Forum' started by ThisCoinTime, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. ThisCoinTime

    ThisCoinTime New Member


    Discord | Twitter | Bitcointalk | Website | Whitepaper | Wallet | Explorer | Github | Review Site

    Cryptobridge Midex HotDex

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Amsterdex DachExchange
    Shardax (Coming Soon)

    Teambudget: https://explorer.kydcoin.io/address/YWVfGSgQp3M1JF2iEBmetYXRMdi3DizysK

    MNO: https://masternodes.online/currencies/KYD/
    MNCN: https://mncn.online/coins/KYD
    LCW: https://www.livecoinwatch.com/price/KYD-KYD

    KYD review application: https://review.kydcoin.io/application/

    Official Partner
    : https://stakecube.net/
    NodeCheck: https://nodecheck.io/
    MNCN: https://mncn.online/

    KYD Verification FAQ
    KYD has been gaining momentum everyday and we’ve been growing at a fast pace. As more verifications are submitted we will run a higher chance of one of these projects failing or simply completely losing on the exchange. We have been receiving a lot of questions both public and private about what will occur when this happens to one of the verified coins. We wanted to take a moment to first go over the details of the verification process and what will happen if one of these verified coins goes south.

    Verification Process
    KYD is just beginning and currently the verification process is the most basic option the platform will offer. In the future, we are expanding to a much broader verification and coin escrow service. This platform is currently being developed. The current process involves the team/coin lead submitting his state-issued ID along with a selfie – this will at least confirm who is behind the coin. THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE or ENDORSEMENT of a coin. PLEASE DO NOT buy a coin based on our verification alone. We never recommend buying a coin on one factor alone such as a Twitter shill or even a KYD verification. Any crypto purchase should be DYOR (Do Your Own Research).

    What happens when a verified coin fails?
    In the event of a KYD verified coin either failing or not delivering on their promises, we will remove their listing on our website and will let the community know. Please submit any tips or reasons you think a current coin should not be listed. We are open to advice or information (might be best to submit in private). We are not planning on publishing their private ID all over the internet for multiple legal reasons. However, if they outright steal BTC and a criminal investigation is underway will be happy to provide all the information requested by authorities.

    Does verification mean you like the coin or their project?
    We want to be very clear that verification only means we've verified their state issued ID as stated above. The project may still be an idea that people won't buy or will fail based on being just a plain bad coin idea. They may have the best intentions but their idea never catches on. There is a big difference from a scam coin that only has the plan of stealing BTC versus a coin that just doesn't succeed. Please understand the risk in crypto and investing. KYD is not responsible for any loss to one of our verified coins.

    The ID verification in no way guarantees your funds are safe. KYD has a verification process that includes a state issued ID and selfie. We only verify the main developer or project lead at this time. KYD will be expanding verification levels in the coming updates, but at this time this is solely a beta product and should be used as a reference only. This is not financial advice
  2. ThisCoinTime

    ThisCoinTime New Member

  3. ThisCoinTime

    ThisCoinTime New Member

    Good news - MasterNode Buzz has joined the collaboration into making the Cryptosphere safer! They too will display the KYD verified tick and banner! We are also happy to announce KYD is a BuzzBacker now. We are looking forward to cooperate with Masternode Buzz and work on a wider marketing for the future.



  4. ThisCoinTime

    ThisCoinTime New Member

    Features for launching KYD Hiring platform:

    Project Owner
    - Registration Process
    - Post a Job (With Milestones)
    - Award a Developer Bidding for my Job
    - Close a Job after completion
    - View Jobs Posted
    - View My Jobs
    - View Messages
    - View Notifications

    - Registration Process
    - View Jobs Posted
    - Bid for a Job
    - View My Jobs (Awarded)
    - View Messages
    - View Notifications

    Based on our lastest build, we have solved most of the issues that we have spotted. We have also gone through internally on the deployment. We are doing the final run of fixes which includes the Notification module, and some fixes to the Job Status.

    Launch Date has been set at 20 May 2019.
  5. ThisCoinTime

    ThisCoinTime New Member

    We are happy to announce the release of our Beta version at https://platform.kydcoin.io/

    Please feel free to test and review the platform as we continue to update and upgrade the platform to be more robust and efficient.

    This is the begining of the journey for KYD, thanks for your support!



  6. ThisCoinTime

    ThisCoinTime New Member

    KYD Hiring Platform Bug Bounty

    From: 3 June till 30 June 2019

    The aim of this bounty is to get the community to help us in identifying potential bugs and vulnerabilities during the initial phase.

    We have setup a fund of 30,000KYD for this initial bounty, which would be distributed to the various valid contributions.

    Bugs will be accepted on a first come first serve basis, duplicated reported will unfortunately not be accepted.

    On an estimate we will be paying out 100KYD - Low, 500KYD - Medium, 1000KYD - High Priority
    For High Priority, it has to be related to security vulnerabilities.

    We hope you would take this as a community project, and help build something great together.
  7. ThisCoinTime

    ThisCoinTime New Member

    We are happy to announce KYD is now listed on Combatnerd.

    Combatnerd combines the idea of Passive Income with Cryptocurrencies.

  8. ThisCoinTime

    ThisCoinTime New Member

    New verifications!

    Developers from EvoNodes and Flitsnode have completed KYD verification! Their identity is now known and confirmed by KYD for both coin and service.


  9. ThisCoinTime

    ThisCoinTime New Member

    The new wallet (v3.2.1) is officially ready for updating, this update is to fix the occasional forking that has been experienced by some.
    Local wallet download versions available for Windows, Ubuntu (16 & 18), IOS (Mojave & High Sierra) at https://github.com/kydcoin/KYD3/releases

    MasterNode updates can be done through VPS:
    Any questions or issues please post in KYD Discord support channels: #wallet-help and #masternode-help.

    You can access the new explorer through the following url: https://kyd.ccore.online/, this will be updated in a few days to our standard explorer address and we will provide a further announcement at that time.
  10. ThisCoinTime

    ThisCoinTime New Member

    Stakinglab is delisting KYD, please withdraw your coins asap. In KYD Discord #official-links or #shared-masternodes you can find other solutions.
  11. ThisCoinTime

    ThisCoinTime New Member

    August brings us new interesting news :)

    It has taken some time but the first cleaning round is here. At the start of 2018 we decided to stop with our private listings. A private listing is a verification done by the KYD team whereby no picture, name, country of residence are visible for the public. Our goal is transparancy for you and everybody in cryptosphere, for that reason we decided to offer them a free public reverification.

    We contacted the listed projects to review the listing and to offer them a free public listing incase they were still listed privately.
    Some teams did not respond, some negative and others very positive.

    Projects that accepted our free offer to go public:
    - Cryptonodes, Bettex, Ragna, Worx, XUEZ, XDNA.

    Projects that have rejected our free offer:
    - Deviant, Bitcoin incognito, Xorn, Cryptofight club, Glyno, PWR.

    Projects where no contact has been established:
    - Motion, Graphcoin, Epic, Turbostake, Dividend cash, MMO, Concierge coin, Pandemia, Coin2play, Printex.

    For the projects that refused our offer a delisting will follow in the next couple of days. For those who accepted our offer a reverification will be scheduled the upcoming weeks, till the verification is completed they will be reflected on our platform as projects in queue (orange outline).

    Developers from XDNA have completed the public KYD verification! This is our first project going from private to public, we hope more will follow.


    Also we have been discussing ways to help our investors as well as alternative platforms for use of our coin. One consideration was to create our own VPS hosting product which uses KYD for the monthly charge. We wanted to gather feedback from our investors to understand the interest and likely demand. Discussion and voting on the Discord channel #community-feedback.

    - Pay in KYD/BTC/USD/Other country currency we can add
    - Comparable equivalency pricing to Contabo
    - Packages geared towards KYD nodes (more memory/lower CPU)
    - Node installation recipes pre-built that can be installed via user vps panel
    - VPS Supplier already KYD verified
    - 10% of fees charged returned to KYD premine
  12. ThisCoinTime

    ThisCoinTime New Member

    We're proud to announce that the developers from Northern (NORT) have completed KYD verification! Their identity is now known and confirmed by KYD.

  13. ThisCoinTime

    ThisCoinTime New Member

    Dachex is closing within 10 days, please withdraw your coins ASAP.
  14. ThisCoinTime

    ThisCoinTime New Member

    Latest KYD news and updates:

    - New wallet release now available to download and install.
    Release notes:
    - KYD to KYDC cosmetic ticker change
    - Travis automated builds
    - Embedded news panel
    - Proposal panel
    - Spork 17 Implemented to manage the MN Winner Minimum Age
    - Updated masternode installer

    - KYD is now listed on ihostmn.com

    - Developers from STREAMIT (STREAM) have completed KYD verification! Their identity is now known and confirmed by KYD.

    - We wanted to share a preview of our upcoming verification platform. As you may have seen in our KYD Discord #work-overview and meeting summary Shockthewolf engineering has been working on the backend wich is 90% finished and we did several succesfull verification tests last week. Doniva has worked out the design wich is showed in the video, we are looking to finish asap. The most important step forward is our verification is now completly legal and backed by our qualified partner. For now we have already completed the legal verification of 4 applicants using our new system.
    More details and information will be published with the release.

    GIF version link: https://gifyu.com/image/k3sX
  15. ThisCoinTime

    ThisCoinTime New Member

    We are more than happy to announce, CTSC-PLATFORM has joined the collaboration into making the Cryptosphere safer! They too will display the KYD verified tick and banner! KYD is also listed on CTSC-PLATFORM. Go check it out ;)


    The developers from SECURE CLOUD NET (SCN) and REECORE (REEX) have completed KYD verification! Their identity is now known and confirmed by KYD. General verification data for projects on our website:

    - https://review.kydcoin.io/scn/
    - https://review.kydcoin.io/reecore/


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  17. ThisCoinTime

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  18. ThisCoinTime

    ThisCoinTime New Member


    We are happy to announce our 2020 roadmap. Our team will focus this year on the development of a user-friendly platform, a place where people can meet and collaborate on projects in a safer way. We hope that we can count on your support again this year. On the attached illustration you can see the highlights, below you can find more information with regard to content and elaboration.

    KYD Verification platform
    Through this function we will now offer our KYD / KYC / AML, we also offer back-end support/solutions for partners.
    This is our gateway to Shuftipro, our partner who handles the processing and management of sensitive personal data. This allows us to verify the developers of Cointeams / Service providers / individuals in a legal and secure manner.

    KYD Review page
    Our current Review page is built on wordpress, which does not meet our wishes for an automated system. We will therefore release a revised version of this with the focus on automation and later on increasing the amount of shared information.

    KYD Hiring platform
    On our Hiring platform it will be possible to both offer and accept work. Both parties can undergo a verification through our integrated service. Payments can be made with our Escrow service which will be included in the platform at a later stage.

    KYD Wiki page
    On this page you will find a wide range of information about our services and the use of our platfroms. We will also offer various tools to our community here.

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