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AI Trader - ai-trader.org

Discussion in 'HYIP Discussion' started by hongwei, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. hongwei

    hongwei Active Member

    I am not admin or owner of this program!

    Started: 11th Dec 2019

    My deposit: 0.034 BTC



    AI-Trader is a low frequency marathon trading bot, designed to grow your BTC. Your BTC growth is sustainable and your investment is always available. Whether you are a novice or an expert in crypto currency, ÀI-Trader is your trading partner. We provide you with a tool can generate an estimated monthly ROI of 28 – 50% depending on the amount of capital committed and trades made.

    For more details please check out Products page. Our AI-Trader bot is a product of leaders from different parts of the world and many fields – from IT professionals and professional traders to highly qualified data researches.

    The system has been designed to meet the needs of both sides – those who are only beginning their journey in the crypto realm as well as individuals who are actively involved in trading on a daily basis. Once you sign upp you will have access to your dashboard with real-time trading stats to monitor actual bot performance. We’re harnessing the most advanced software and tools under one umbrella to help you improvce your financial results and preserve your capital using our risk management strategy.

    Investment Plans

    (1) Deposit 0.0025-2 BTC, earn up to 1% daily for 28 calendar days and principal back every 7 days

    (2) Deposit 2.01-10 BTC, earn up to 1.4% daily for 28 calendar days and principal back every 7 days

    (3) Deposit 10.01-100 BTC, earn up to 1.8% daily for 28 calendar days and principal back every 7 days

    Referral Commissions: 7%

    Payment Options: Bitcoin, Ethereum

    Withdrawal Type: Instant

    Register: https://ai-trader.org/partner/1520295
  2. heatstreak

    heatstreak Member

    Amazing program in our hands
    I am receiving good profits and made a good decision to make an investment for good stable returns on everyday basis
    I will soon make a new deposit :)

    Payment batch -

    0.0011385 BTC
    2019-12-24 20:33

    0.001089 BTC
    2019-12-28 03:08

    0.015444 BTC
    2019-12-29 23:57

  3. hongwei

    hongwei Active Member

    54.25 dollars withdrawal received from BTC, thanks admin: 05ddd3925572f71b716829457d2c87283d9fcd1cdae80f5259726abf66b15840
  4. hongwei

    hongwei Active Member

    10.89 dollars withdrawal received from blockchain, thanks admin:
  5. hongwei

    hongwei Active Member

    8.62 dollars BTC withdrawal request received, thanks admin:
  6. heatstreak

    heatstreak Member

    Amazing program guys
    The withdrawals are paid instantly and i totally love it
    The plans are lovely and the strategy used by the Admin is really profitable for all of us
    I made a new deposit in the project too to keep earning good returns :)

    Payment batch -

    0.0180675 BTC
    2020-01-06 02:13

    0.00133650 BTC
    2020-01-09 19:33

    0.020691 BTC
    2020-01-11 22:06

    NEW Deposit batch -

    0.05 BTC
    2020-01-11 22:16

  7. hongwei

    hongwei Active Member

    0.00167 BTC withdrawal request received, thanks admin: 873e70a738b8b80211da1d2409c55153c2326fee71ad18f977673a1e27ef4b12
  8. hongwei

    hongwei Active Member

    0.0069 Bitcoin withdrawal request received fast, thanks admin:

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